pillow swap four seasons 2016

General Guidelines

Welcome to Pillow Swap Four Seasons (2016) - an international pillow case swap that celebrates the FOUR SEASONS of the year with a changing palette of living room decor. We are a group supporting the creative process of sewing and quilting pillows cases to exchange with other sewers and "quilters".


Anyone is allowed to play in our group. Whether you are just starting out, an expert or a profi, you will be well received by us! An appropriate partner in your skill range will be assigned to you. Our group is open to 50 lovely ladies and gentlemen! And most importantly, there are no fees to join!

Grab the button and add to your blog or website to show your support.

Our group works "secretly" but with loads of suspense." We match up a partner for you! It is your duty to research and spy out your partners tastes/styles/direction. However, you may not contact your partner nor are you allowed to tell anyone else who your partner is. We want to make it exciting and wondering who is making your pillow case!

There is a two week sign up phase for each of the four swaps per year. Please scroll down to the bottom for the appropriate registration date for the season you will be playing. You sign up by agreeing to the rules in the "rules" section with a polite "I agree". You will then be asked to fill out a form (accessible during sign up phase!) with your data information and additional wishes such as

Blogs, Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram
Experience - 0-3 years (beginner), 3-8 years (experienced), 8+ years (expert)
Pillow Size
Additional Wishes (such as please no binding closers, rick rack, etc., color palette)

Although we ask you to agree to international shipping, you may request a domestic partner. We will do our best to fulfill your request and give you a new partner every round (if you decide to join up again.)

How will your partner know what to make for you? You are required to create a flickr "mosaic" of ideas that can help your secret partner design and create for you! You may create the mosaic anytime before registration, because you will be required to list this on the Registration Form.

Since this is a seasonal swap, your mosaic should somehow reflect this with color, motifs, inspiration and/holiday related. After the one-week sign-up-phase, you will be sent your partners information and additional wishes.You may then upload your own mosaic to the group for everyone to see.

You will have approximately three months to make a pillow case for your partner according to their wishes using high quality quilting fabrics as well as other accompanying fibers such as wool and linen.

There are two different sizes you may choose from - either 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inches) or 40 x 60 cm ( 16 x 24 inches). These are basic standard pillow sizes you can buy from Ikea. Yes, we love Ikea! Your pillow case may be slightly smaller than the requirements to give the pillow a fuller look but please stay within reason. An 18 x 18 inch pillow case would be fine for a 20 x 20 inch pillow.

Your pillow case may be made using any number of techniques such as raw edge or needle turn appliqué, English or foundation piecing, folded fabric or origami, straight piecing, improv, etc. You may also embellish you design with cotton floss, rick rack, buttons, beads, etc. If you are in doubt, contact one of the admin hostesses.

Label your work. This is a very important step, so please don't forget it. We put so much time and effort into creating and giving, we want the pillow case to be used and remembered. Please don't use a "permanent marker" (or Edding) or a stamp. These may bleed or run when the fabric is washed.

Close to the end of the season, you will be required to "air mail" your pillow case (without pillow of course) to your partner in the designated week. If does not have to be overnight, nor signed for. If you have an transatlantic partner, you may ship a couple of days earlier. If you have a domestic partner, please ship in the time frame specified.

Your pillow case should arrive within the first two weeks of the month of the upcoming new season. If it hasn't don't worry. We will post the "Secret Distribution List so you can see who was creating for you." **Only user names will be disclosed and no personal information.** If your pillow case has gone astray, we will try to help you track it down.

If you would like to play in the next season, you have one week to sign up for the next round with a new set of wishes and requirements! We have 50 free seats available. Please keep in mind, we reserve the right to deny you another round if you have not been able to meet the deadline or have not adhered to the rules. If for any reason you are having problems, please tell us about it, and we will work something out.

What is a flaker? A flaker is a swap partner who does not show up. They may have signed up for a swap, but they have not made anything! They may or may not have informed their swap mamas that they are unable to finish the swap on time. We do not tolerate flakers!! We will do our best with a standard check-in along the way to see how everyone is progressing. We also require that everyone posts at least three progress photos along the way.


Spring 2016
Registration: Dec. 7 - 11
Partners Assigned: Monday, Dec. 14
Domestic Shipping Dates: Feb. 22 - 26
International Shipping Dates: starting Feb. 15

Summer 2016
Registration: Mar. 7 - 11
Partners assigned: Monday, Mar. 14
Domestic Shipping Dates: May 23 -27
International Shipping Dates: starting May. 16

Autumn 2016
Registration: June 6 - 10
Partners Assigned: Monday, June 13
Domestic Shipping Dates: Aug. 29 - Sep.2
International Shipping Dates: starting Aug. 22

Winter 2016
Registration: Sep. 12 - 16
Partners Assigned: Sep. 19
Shipping Dates: Nov. 28 - Dec.2
International Shipping Dates: starting Nov. 21

We look forward to you joining our group. New members welcome!

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