Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I am working on a new pattern for a bright chevron doll quilt. Here is a little sneak preview.

I like the look of the chevron pillows and blankets out all over, but I don't like the short cut of making half-square triangles. I have been looking into all of the different ways to make chevrons from sewing on paper to sewing scraps together and cutting at an angle. Which technique really makes sense and when? Once I have everything figured out  or the simple-easy-practical-way, I will upload the pattern for all of you.

I hope you check back on this one to download the pattern. I am really liking this one and Barbie will like it even more! :-) If she doesn't reside in your home, you can always put it in a nice frame and hang it in the hallway.

Enjoy your weekend and holiday if you have one!


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