Thursday, April 14, 2022

Generations - A Paper Doll, Quilt Block Series Celebrating Our Female Heritage

After several months of diligent pattern writing and proofing, our newest pattern booklet has become a reality! I am very proud to present the latest easypatchwork pattern - Generations - a Paper Doll, Quilt Block Series Celebrating Our Female Heritage. 

The pattern booklet with more than 40, professionally printed, all-color pages consisting of

  • Full-size foundation paper patterns (FPP) for six 6" x 12" paper dolls
  • Mix and match options for all figures
  • Easy assembly instructions including pressing directions
  • One bonus figure, Catherine, and additional segments for other figures for more fun
  • Coloring image for each figure to color your own
  • Two quilt patterns - one wall and one table runner with material requirements, instructions, coloring sheet and additional colorway options

The pattern booklet weighs 180 grams and is printed on DIN A4 paper. The foundation patterns have been arranged on the pages to copy on standard Letter Size copy machines as well. Remember, you can always trace the FPP with translucent paper (~50g) with a good light source and a standard lead pencil.

This series contains Grace, Clara, Lizabeth, Ivy, Rose and Margaret. Pattern also includes the bonus figure, Catherine. The pattern booklet celebrates 200 years of female heritage celebrating our mothers, sister, aunts, grandmothers and other influential women from our past.

This pattern is packed full of everything you would wish for in a pattern! The dress of the paper dolls is kept simple and INTERCHANGEABLE.Yes, you can mix and match segment from each figure to create even more figures if you desire. 


The pattern contains two patterns - one wall quilt measuring 46" x 48" wall quilt shown below. You can also use the 6" x 12" Figures to create you own patchwork quilts, table runners, pillowcases, wall hangings, and so much more.

When I created the pattern, I wanted to encircle the figures with stars representing individual states and countries. You can imagine the wall hanging as a European Union, French or American colors.

I just love to play with different colorations of this pattern.

There are just so many different options and colors you can choose to make your own version of this pretty wall hanging.

If you would like to see more ideas, color variations and details of this pattern, please check out the below link to go to our Etsy shop.

I would be very delighted to see your finished quilts and quilt blocks. Please drop me a note to

Enjoy an addtitional 10% with the Discount Code GENERATIONS10 on Etsy to enjoy on all Generations patterns starting today and ending April 19, 2022. 

 Happy sewing and quilting!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2022 Fairy Duo - Leticia and Jolean

Hi there! I am really excited to share with your the newest set of easypatchwork Paper Doll Fairy, Leticia and Jolean. This collection of fairies is made with 16" foundation paper pieced figures, a great size to get into paper piecing and create a throw pillow for a special person in your life.

The 2022 fairy, Leticia, was just too cute not to have her sister, Jolean, join in the celebration this year. Each one has her own style. You can even mix the heads, bodices and dresses from both figures to create more if you wish.


Leticia - 2022 Fairy of Joy

Allow us to introduce, Leticia, the 2022 Fairy of Joy. She is an English fairy princess who would like to guide you through the new year. May you entrust her to show you the simpler things in life. She is straight-forward, and elegant. You could also envision her as a garden fairy, a strawberry fairy, or forest fairy with her cute acorn-shaped cap.

You can sew her with a variety of different colorways such as monochromatic (shown above) or even in a rainbow color schemed shown in the lower right corner. I truly love using the dark background on the fairies with their soft creamy, blush skin tone. If you wish to create more contrast, use a variety of values such as light, medium and dark for the figure to stand out. Get creative with different hair and wing colors. Create a whole family of different rainbow-colored fairies. More design ideas as well as a coloring sheet are found in the pattern as well as step-by-step directions with illustrations.


Jolean - 2022 Fairy of Inspiration

Sister to Leticia, Jolean is a dazzling fairy of inspiration. May her spunky character and love of life inspire you in your creative endeavours. She is slightly more challenging with her cute hair buns and layered dress. She is very proud to sport her fairy-tipped ears. Her plunging neckline shows her high self-confidence and love of her own body.

She is also sewn in a monochromatic color scheme with creamy, blush skin. There so many more options to color her though. Just take a look below. More designs in the pattern as well as a coloring sheet and step-by-step illustrations with explanations.

This sister duo can be purchased together to mix and match and make even more figures. Here are some more ideas. Have fun and explore new ways to create by skipping over sewing lines or adding your own.

If you wish to make one or both of the 2022 fairies, you can purchase them on Etsy for a limited discount until January 2, 2022. Discount is already applied in the store - no need for more coupons. 

Have a happy and creative New Year 2022!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Generations - Lizabeth

 Hi there and thanks for dropping by. This month we are debuying our beautiful Lizabeth, the next figure in our Generations Paper Dolls. Lizabeth stems from the 20th century wearing a slightly shorter dress and socks with her shoes. In her basket you will find her daily purchase from the fresh market. She also has beautiful highlights showcasing her lovely hairstyle.

As with all of the figures from the Generations series, you can mix and match the head, body and dress of all figures to create new ones or customize your favorite components.

Thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to check back on December 31, 2021 for the new Fairy 2022.