Monday, December 10, 2018

holiday spirited elves

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick note to say, yes. I am still here, alive and kicking. I have been totally in my design element designing all kinds of foundation paper piecing dolls. After I made the Paper Dolls -  Mini Collection and Winnie the Witch, I just couldn't stop and designed the Spirited Elves. This is probably the biggest collection I have designed so far too with sew many possibilities. Why? These are interchangeable, mix and match dolls just like the originals!!

This was the first time I designed a boy for the group as well. There are two outfits to choose from for each boy and girl. You can also choose to have elf ears or regular/no ears on the dolls. Check out those cute pig tails too! (eek!)

There are different pompoms options for the elf boots and Santa hats. You can change the direction on the hats as well. And of course, there are two hands included - holding hands and a single hand. How cool is that?!

There is a bonus tree block and table runner included in this digital pattern.

Or you can omit the trees and just have some happy, dancing elves.

After designing the spirited elves, Santa Baby jumped on board as well!

Don't you just want to give him a big hug?? I do! After staring at Santa a couple of days, a couple of things stood out and were improved. His elbow and the size of his hands just didn't seem right.

You can download the new version on Etsy. The great thing about these patterns is that they are both digital for instant download so you can make them for the holidays.

What can you do with Santa and his trusty elves? Here are a few more ideas. 

Make a table runner.

Make an entire throw size quilt 52" x 68" for your sofa.

You may be thinking it is too late to make something for the holidays. Well, it is never too early to start for Christmas 2019, now is it. ; ) 

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season!