Thursday, November 26, 2015

the one hour basket reviewed (and improved)

If you read my blog post yesterday, I reviewed two baskets tutorials. They are very excellent tutorials to be checked out!  But, I still wasn't totally happy with my baskets. These were going to become my Christmas presents for the year, and I wanted to get them right for all of my friends and family.

I made another version of the one hour basket from Kelby. This time using the heaviest stabilizer available here in Germany - S 520, Vliesoline. I thought it worked much better to give the basket the stability it needed to hold its shape and purpose of a stairs' basket (that accumulates everything from the house). I also bought some heavy, home decor fabric which is actually cheaper here than quilting fabric.

Different Trial Versions in Production
If you look at the gray baskets closely, that one on the far right was my first try with the heavy stabilizer and the home decor fabric. I used a medium weight stabilizer (Vliesoline S320) on the light, print fabric and a heavyweight (S 520) on the lower, gray, dotty fabric. Since this stabilizer is three times more expensive than "regular" I thought this would be a good compromise. The shape became very solid, maybe even too solid! It is extremely hard to maneuver the basket under the sewing machine after the bottom is sewn shut and you are trying to attach the inner and outer layers.

On the second gray basket (the next gray one you see to the left, sandwiched between the two red baskets), I top stitched 1/4" above the area where the print and dotty fabrics are sewn together. This definitely gives the basket character! I also top stitched 1/4" from the top of the basekt to keep the inner shell in place. This seam is originally sews 1/2" seam allowance, but you can definitely top stitch lower than 1/8" from the top. I also attached the handles with a one-inch spacing from the center seam making the handles ends two inches apart.

Okay, these were looking even better, and I wanted a little diversity with a fabric change. I used the "red/orange" fabric (also home decor and washed!) with a medium weight stabilizer (Vliesoline S320) on all segments of the basket except the inner lining. This worked out even better! It gave the basket enough stiffness to stay flat, but was much easier to sew under the machine when it came to attaching both the inner lining and outer shell together.

The upper "linen-look" fabric I pressed downwards this time instead of upwards and top stitched on the bottom area with a beige cotton thread. I think it makes the basket look very professional! I didn't want to quilt a lot on this basket, because this is supposed to be a speedy project for Christmas, right? Even though I spent several days (one week) to perfect my "gift basket," it was worth it! Just think, I worked out all of the bugs for you to get started on your holiday baskets!

I have added a TWO-page cheat-sheet of how I constructed my basket. Go ahead and start scoping out some beautiful home decor fabric (heavyweight) for the outer shells and quilting quality fabric (lightweight) for the insides. You can download the cheat sheet on my FREE DOWNLOADS page. Donations are kindly welcomed and accepted. THANK YOU!.

And if you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, happy Thanksgiving!! We will be celebrating on the weekend when we have time to enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by for the second part of the one-hour basket review!


  1. They are beautiful! I have some leftover pieces of home decor fabric that I could 'practice' on. I could always use an extra basket or two, especially since I'm starting to organize and store my messy stash away for the winter! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Das ist sehr nett von Dir uns Deine Erfahrungen mitzuteilen und sogar eine kleine Anleitung zu posten. Jetzt könntest Du ja in Massenproduktion gehen, jetzt wo Du die Anleitung für Dich perfektioniert hast.

  3. Sehr schöne Körbchen, toll mit dem Löwen drauf.
    Liebe Grüßle,

  4. Genius! I have also tried the heaviest Vliesofix, and damn near broke my machine in the process. Thank you so much for ironing out all the nitty grittu details and putting them into a nice cheat sheet. Happy weekend!

  5. I bought Soft & Stable from it works a treat in those baskets. Also there is a similar tutorial about baskets on the Bernina Blog Germany, without the handels though.
    Lg Sylvia

  6. Wow, was für schöne Stoffkörbchen. Solche stehen auch ganz oben auf meiner to-do Liste, da sie ja auch so praktisch sind ... Wenn ich dann wieder nähen kann, nehme ich natürlich deine perfektionierte Anleitung dazu. Danke fürs Teilen und herzliche Grüße von mir

  7. Thank you very much Karen!
    I will use your tutorial!

  8. Thanks for the tips, Karen! You are so generous to share them with us!

  9. Hi there! Your excellent review of the two baskets has been so helpful to me. I'm going to download the cheat sheet before I begin my hour basket. I like the proportions of your base fabric (The grey dot and red/orange) to the main print. Do you mind sharing the measurements you used, if you still have them? Thanks!

  10. Hi Karen, I just finished the basket from Kelby and was looking around for other ideas for this basket when I stumbled on your site. I like the way you made your version and the beautiful fabric you used. I wanted to download the free cheat sheet but it is no more on Craftsy. Is it still available? Thank you.


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