Wednesday, December 2, 2015

little bits mug rug swap

Welcome to a pretty little mug rug swap that lets you go wild with sewing curves!

I found this adorable and free mug rug from Green Bee Designs and Patterns (Alexia Abegg) and absolutely had to try it. It is so cute and so much fun to make; I had to share my excitement with everyone and organize a swap just for the Little Bits Mug Rug pattern. So let's pay homage together, shall we?

Little Bits Mug Rug Example

You will be required to use the free pattern from Alexia Abegg but are allowed to make slight alternations to it such as enlarging or shrinking the overall size, adding to it (embellishments, embroidery, or applique, etc.) changing up the border, whatever you like. But we should all still be able to identify the original pattern designed by Cotton & Steel founder Alexia Abegg. This cute and stylish mug rug should measure approximately 6 x 8 1/2 inches when finished.

You can find the pattern on Alexia's website:

After you have registered, I will contact you to make sure your data is correct and verify that you are actively participating.

"Flakers" will not be tolerated. What is a flaker? Someone who signs up for a swap and decides somewhere along the time span they have no interest in fulfilling their side of the swap. Bad, bad, bad. Yes, they do exist. Sadly!

Everyone will be assigned a partner. This is an open swap and not secret; you will know who is sewing for you. You are allowed to contact them, and they are allowed to contact you. However, please keep their information (mailing address) confidential.

No mosaics are needed for this swap. You will be sew according to your partner's interests, social media feeds, and direction along the way. We really want you to guide your partner on the right path.  If you have trouble making contact your partner, please get in touch with me.

Post pictures of your progress on Instagram: #littlebitsmugrugswap

Check-in Date is January 15, 2016. Please email me at with a small pixel progress photo and this in the header: "Little Bits Mug Rug Swap." You may post a picture on Instagram of your progress as well with the hashtag #littlebitsmugrugswapcheckin. From all of the emails I receive and in the order I receive them, I will draw a number and that person will receive a very special gift.

Registration: now until Dec. 16, 2015
Partner assigned: Dec. 18, 2016
Check-In: Jan. 15, 2016 per email
Shipping: before Jan. 31, 2016

Please send the completed mug rug to your partner with a little note or postcard. You may send other items as well, but please don't over do it.

Are you ready for a little mug rug swapping fun? Then go ahead and register. Open to 40 participants.

I look forward to seeing familiar and not so familiar faces on this quick little swap! Thanks for dropping by!



  1. Oh, my goodness, Karen, it IS the cutest! Unfortunately, I'm packing up my stash for winter storage and heading south one week from today, so I won't be able to participate. It's doubtful I'll get my winter sewing spaces set up in time. But I'll certainly save the link to the pattern for later! Have fun! XO

  2. Hallo Karen,

    ich habe noch überhaupt keine Erfahrung mit Swaps, möchte aber gerne mal mitmachen. Das scheint mir ein ideales Einsteigerprojekt zu sein und ich bin sehr gespannt, wie das funktioniert!

    Liebe Grüße

    PS Das Päckchen von Hawthorne Threads ist dann doch nach fast sechs Wochen bei mir angekommen.

  3. Dear Karen,
    wonderful idea, would love to join, was not able to access the sign up form nor the pattern page. Maybe something wrong with my computer.

  4. Dear Karen,
    I would love to enter this mini swap. I've never been in a mini swap, just a pay it forward. I would love to join yours if I can. I'm in Oregon is that ok? I didn't notice where the swap is taking place.. or if that matters for me to join?.
    Thanks for the opportunity
    Tracy Whitlow


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