Thursday, July 5, 2012


rainbow cake with jelly beans and marshmallowsMy little girl is not so little anymore.  She celebrated her 5th birthday.  She is such a cutie pie, my little sunshine.  As with every birthday, I like to spoil the kids with a homemade cake for school, Kindergarten or home.  My daughter named at least five different cakes that she wanted me to make.  I decided on a rainbow sheet cake for Kindergarten and a store bought cake for her birthday party.  Yes, I bought a birthday cake.  My sister was proud of me.  Since there were only four/five guests to her birthday party, I thought it fit not to worry too much about a lot of baking and there were no siblings at the party either.  This really makes things easier.

Not only did my daugther celebrate her birthday, I also celebrated my 40th.  It is ALMOST hard to believe that I am THAT old.  Would I trade it for being 18 again?  NO.  I am happier than ever and know what I want from life.  Most importantly, I am independent and self-sufficient.  Although I notice I let my husband take care of certain things like bill payment, I still rely on myself to get things done.  No one is here to take care of you.  You have to make your own way in life, your own goals, ambitions, strengths, desires.  Find out what you are good at it and let it take flight.

Happy Birthday to all those who have birthdays in the summer.  I love having a summer birthday.  I loved getting an ice cream cake on my birthday...especially from Carvel.