Friday, November 16, 2012

service your sewing machine

Right before we went on vacation this past year, my husband suggested to me that I have my sewing machine serviced while we were away. It never really dawned on me that I should have my machine "serviced." 

There wasn't anything wrong with the machine, but I had noticed a few months earlier that the thread was starting to stick a little and not produce even stitches. I cleaned out the machine myself, but you can never really get into all of those tiny places. I have a Pfaff 2034 which collects a lot of thread in the area where the light is. While I was doing my own cleaning, I thought I should ask my husband if he had some type of keyboard cleaner to clean it out, so I was happy when he suggested having my sewing machine professionally serviced.

My good German husband, who always thinks about these things, set up the appointment and even dropped it off for me. My husband told me my machine would go missing for jsut one week and not to panic, but I didn't even notice that it was gone!

I picked up my machine after we returned from vacation and got settled back home. I saw that the service man had tested it out with several different stitches on a nice thick pieced of folded denim and the tension was perfectly aligned again. He scolded me and said I should oil it once in a while. Okay, I thought you never had to oil these newer machines...that's what they told me when I bought it?!?! As an avid sewing, I pledged to myself to oil my bobbin area when the stitches are slightly off or when it starts to get a little exhausted from my vigorous workouts.

And, it doesn't cost the world to have it serviced. I paid 55€. Considering the price of the machine and how long I have had it, I thought it completely reasonable. I love my machine and don't see that I am going to part with it for a long time. One great thing about it is the dual voltage which I have never used, but being practical person as I am, I thought about it when I bought it. ;-)

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  1. Das erinnert mich daran das meine Maschine auch schon länger kein Öl mehr gesehen hat. Danke fürs Erinnern.


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