Friday, July 5, 2013

june '13 doll quilters monthly swap

I am so happy that I joined the Doll Quilters Monthly (Swap). Leonie over at strand-korb introduced me to the nicest and friendliest group of ladies. There are monthly challenges that make me think and create. I am a quilt designer and love a challenge!

This month's challenge is "fantasy." I thought about it a lot and wasn't quite sure what to do. Then I saw some really cute, bright fabric at our local fabric & drapery store. I bought a small amount of blues and greens, came home, and worked on some ideas involving mermaids. I thought I was onto something.

Then I received our swap partner's name and info from the very warm and supportive, Barbara. My very interesting partner, Mary Pat from Wisconsin, and I exchanged information to our likes, wishes, styles and dimensions. After I learned that she was more of a "traditional" quilter, I canned the idea with the mermaids. I thought the fabric would be just too loud. She also likes the darker colors such as reds, blacks, golds and brown - the more earthy color palette. And most importantly - she mentioned the theme of houses....okay...what can I whip up here.

I remembered I had a panel with fall colors, apples, orchards, and barns? Could that be something? I really love the fall colors. They remind me so much of home..huh..getting a little homesick. Back to the topic. I found the panel. I measured it and thought about what I could make to get a cute little quilt about 12 inches squared.

This is what I whipped up:

Birds in the Orchard

I originally wanted a little bird on a twig coming out of the apple and wondered how I could do this. I wanted to embroider it, but I have very little experience with embroidering. After I finished sewing it, I thought I would just leave it. It was pretty enough.

Since the flying geese are rather small (1 x 2 inch finished blocks), I thought I would use a technique I learned last year that makes the flying geese 3-Dimensional. It is so simple and easy and you don't have to worry sewing on a bias or stretching the fabric.

Okay, I designed the mini quilt and made a sample block and everything worked out fine! Wow! I made the center block 8,5 inches square unfinished. You can use a self-made block or fussy cut something. All options are open here. The rest of the blocks are 2,5 inches unfinished.

I really had so much fun with this that I made a second one in my favorite colorway - bright colors including somewhat of a turquoise. The name stays the same, because once again, it has an apple tree surrounded by birds. Go crazy with the pattern.
I am offering this as a free pattern and tutorial for those of you who would like to make a cute little quilt in just one day.

You can download it here.

Please remember - this is for personal use only and not for commercial use. If you would like to publish this pattern, you must request permission from easypatchwork first.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy.


  1. Der Häuschenquilt wird Deiner Swap Partnerin bestimmt gefallen, und der mit dem Bäumchen wird auch sehr hübsch. Herzlichen Dank auch für den link, man weiß ja nie wann man sowas mal brauchen kann.

  2. Wow - I'm mentioned on another blog - now I feel special ...
    I'm glad you like the Doll Quilters - they really are a nice bunch. Some are a bit shy, but I learned many ways to squeeze information out of my partners, it makes life so much easier if you have an idea esp. about their dislikes.
    Also diese schwebenden Gänse sind faszinierend - das muss ich auch mal ausprobieren - ich mag das ganze zurechtschneiden nicht so ...


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