Tuesday, October 8, 2013

changing seasons

As I look out of the window, I see large, beautiful trees left over from the former German military base. Oh, how I always miss the Carolina blue sky in fall, but this year I am pleased to see the large trees with there different colors emerging, something I missed in my former village. We even had one or two days of that rich blue sky right here in Leipheim! I am enjoying fall this year in Germany with all of the beauty around me.
I have been keeping myself busy working on new patterns, a possible customer quilt, and a future project for Moda Bake Shop. {{Shhh...I don't want to jinx any of those.}} Life if finally getting back to "normal" again.

A few weeks ago, we went to Nördlingen to a festival. (I really do love living in Germany with all of the traditional festivals and heritage.) We came across a stand with these very lovely HAND PAINTED Springerle. During Christmastime, I love to bake cookies oder Plätzchen. However, Springerle are not easy for me. I have a few different stamps and a rolling pin with the various shapes, but whenever I try to make these, they NEVER turn out! 
The very nice female ARTIST not only baked these (perfectly), she also spent hours decorating them! You have to click on a picture to see the details!! They also hat the cutest little matching hanging ribbon. I really wanted to buy one, and told her I would come back. I was so afraid they would not make the trip back home and would break, that I didn't buy ANY! That is so terrible of me, I know. I really wish I had gone back. Now, I just have to punish myself with these beautiful pictures. If I ever see them again, I will buy them. I already have a place in my kitchen picked out for them! If anyone knows where I can buy them, please tell me. I will be forever grateful.


  1. Ich glaub Du suchst das hier:
    Bis heut Abend, LG

  2. OMG those are lovely and look so like pictures she is an artist for sure love them!

  3. Oh! They are beautiful! I would have kicked myself too, but it looks Li ke you have help on the way for finding the stamps. In Sweden they have a special rolling pins for making delicate cookies too, but I haven't found them, and I doubt I'd have the patience or the speciell touch!


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