Thursday, January 16, 2014

my projects to finish in 2014

Are you getting organized in 2014? I am trying too. I photographed some of my projects to show myself what I need to finish up. If I have a list, I might actually start checking things off. I like to have all of my projects tucked away neatly in the drawers - out of site. But, out of site means out of mind. Here are most of my projects that I want to finish this year.

    1.  My easypatchwork Sampler: it consists of twelve different more difficult blocks. I started this in one of quilting groups. Most of the blocks are spin-offs of theirs but are 12" instead of 40cm. That was just going to be too big of a quilt for me. And since I am not a quilter, I didn't want to take it on. I think I have six blocks finished. I really want to get this one finished this year. I will probably simplify some of the blocks. The sashing and sashing blocks are already cut. The binding already made.

    2.  Helga's Cathedral Window Pillowcase and Table Runner: Somehow I don't even want to start this one knowing that it is going to challenge me. I have very little experience with cathedral windows and have no great desire to make a pillow full nor a matching table runner full of them using just two colors. I like it bright. Oh, this is for my mother-in-law; a special request.

    3. Hospice Quilt - Rainbow over the Pacific:I started this quilt after my dad died. I had a jelly roll of rainbow batiks and wanted it to go quickly. I just had to sew to make myself feel better. I still have a lot of days like this. Sabine Feldmann helped me pick out the turquoise fabric to make it bright and cheery. It will be donated to the Hospice Facility of Winston-Salem, N.C. It is going to be so pretty in the end and comfort many people there.

    4. The Dotty Nine Patch: Can you see a recurring color here? Turquoise? I loved the color over the last two years. I can't stop of using it. I originally started making this one for a magazine, but I highly doubt it will ever get published. I am such a procrastinator and I don't know if I would sew the pattern together again. It will make a nice wall hanging one day.

    5. Chevron Color: Oh, and another project I started and lost interest. Sometimes I like to sew on foundation papers and sometimes not. When it becomes fiddle "Arbeit", I just don't want to anymore! One day I will get back to it. It really isn't very big; I think finished size should be around a sheet of office paper. This would have been a good one for the Kona Cotton Challenge.

    6. Block Lotto QAL 2014: This one is going to be very pretty. This is one that my daughter and I are making together. It is going to be very bright and cheery and around for many days to come. I picked up the fabric fall of 2013 at a quilt shop when I was visited my mother in Asheville. The yellow and turquoise are gradients.

    7. Nina's Choice: these very lovely fabrics I picked out with my niece, Nina. She really liked them and asked me to make a quilt from them. I am still thinking about a pattern. I found the matching owl fabric and thought it could go with the other three. My niece is still in elementary school, so it also has to grow with her yet be appropriate for her age.

    8. Retro Table Runner with Curves: I started this one to learn a new technique. There are a lot of rounded curves which are made by sewing an additional piece of fabric into the block. Why did I never finish this one? The colors are great and the quilting was easy!

    9. The Mariner's Compass: this was started two or three years ago when I wanted to learn how to make a mariner's compass. I had these really bright fabrics that I wanted to use. I managed to finish the foundation piecing...yeah!!! just not the quilting. I could jump on a long arm (rent) and practice a little. Oh, that sounds like a really good idea. Get some practice quilting.

    10. A Cardinal in Winter: Oh, how I love cardinals. This one is also really, really old. I miss seeing the cardinals in winter, so I had to make this one. I thought it would look good with the blue framing, but I don't agree with that idea today. It is missing a cute little eye as well. This could be a quick finish and a pretty wall hanging for winter.

    11. The Underground Railroad Sampler: has everyone made one of these?? I think this was one of my first samplers. It is using the smaller sized blocks too. This could have been sewn onto foundation paper, but it probably wouldn't have gotten finished. It just needs to be quilted and I bought all of the coordinating threads to do it. Again, in the to-do-drawer.


    12. My hubby's Anniversary Plaid: This one is fairly new!! It has to get done the beginning of this year, before our terrific ten! It is not made from old shirts but from homespun plaids. I want to use a flannel for the backing and it has to be big enough to cover his from head to toe.

    13. 3xo: I practiced this shape before I sewed OHO together. There is actually a technique where you don't have to pin the fabrics together when you sew the curves. This only works when you have non-stretchy good quality quilting fabric. This would make a nice table runner for anyone. Maybe I will finish and give away. Sounds great to me!

    14. Sew Kitschy! A new project that will finish in the year 2014!

    And there are a couple other projects, but I haven't even started them, so they are not going here until I at least have the fabric picked out. I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell. If you have project to-do-list yourself, I would love to hear about it. Maybe you can help me get more organized!! Please leave a tip or trick behind which can help all of us. Enjoy your weekend. No more blogging for me next week. I want to sew!

    Sewingly yours,


    1. All of your projects are so cheery and bright! I look forward to seeing your progress on them this year.

    2. So lovely! :)
      Greetings from Finland!
      Hugs, Ulla

    3. It might be fun to revisit your UFOs and finish them up. I saw some fun stuff!


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