Monday, March 24, 2014

got internet radio?

As I was sewing yesterday, I thought I would treat myself to some Internet radio. I don't usually do this, because I like to keep up with the current time and local issues. Most days you would find me listening to Top 40 Music on SWR3 or Radio7 - the local stations here. Since my family bought me an Internet radio last year for my birthday, I should put it to good use. I quickly scanned the Net for a current hits station and found 102.1 The Wave coming out of Florida with more music and less commercials.

Well, there really isn't that much different between what I listen to here, and the Top 20/40 in the United States. The advantage here is I get to listen to songs in more languages than just English. It is true that most of the popular music is in English but we don't limit ourselves.

When I first moved here, I thought it strange that most of what you hear on the popular radio stations is in English. Why do Germans listen to American songs and American Top 20? Don't they have their own music and own singers? Yes, they do!

The United States is b-i-g. What is the population now 300 million? Songs recorded in English are plugged more often and are targeted for the world market. German would primarly be marketed for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

I do not like "Schlager" music - as it was explained to me, German Country. This isn't true either. It is actually very light music that is sung in German with light topics and beat. The music is usually played back or lip synced when you see it performed in shows or on television. Playback for me has always been a disappointment.

Naja, we do have good mainstream music but not to the extent of American. Sometimes, we like to even import singers from other countries to make good music. (I am talking about Rea Garvey - he's one of my favorite imports!) Mainstream German music is evolving and getting better. Here is just a small sample of some of our really great singers and groups!

Tim Bendzko - Nur noch kurz die Welt retten
Xavier Naidoo - Ich kenne nichts
Eisblume - Bis zum letzten Atemzug
Max Mutzke - Sommerregen
Revolverhead featuring Marta Jandova - Halt Dich an mich fest
Jupiter Jones - So still

So now I am curious. Do you listen to music when you sew? If you do, tell us what type of music you listen to. Share a local or Internet station with us, so we all can listen to it too!

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. If I'm sewing at night I often put on the tv, or to be more exact I watch sometihng I have recorded from the tv as I rarely if ever have a chance to watch live tv. If it's machine sewing then it's random soaps or the like where it really doesn't matter if you miss bits and pieces, if it's hand sewing then it will often be a series that my husband and myself follow together. The radio tends to be on more during the day so if I'm sewing then that's what I listen to. It will either be a local Swiss radio station (later in the day) or one of my favourite Irish radio stations (in the morning) for that little piece of home.


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