Thursday, April 3, 2014

project: sewing room

Hello my very dear and loyal readers! Today I would like to share with you my sewing room and a few ideas I have about it. If you are coming to my site via IkeaHackers to take a look at the customized sewing room cutting table, you will be very excited about this new project.

I first uploaded "how to make the cutting table" almost one year ago and had big ideas for the rest of my sewing room. But as things usually go, the day-to-day gets in the way. Now that I am working in the room, I see room for improvement and desperately need to make some changes.

My project is to improve and vitalize my sewing room with (new) ideas that are very functional for the 20-ten patchworker! I will bring out a post (once a month) giving tips, ideas, or little projects that will "WOW" your sewing room. Now, I know we all have our own style. Some like dark wood, some black, some cherry, some beech (Buche) wood. I like it "modern rustic." For me, that means the look of old wood combined with white. I love color, believe me I do! But in my sewing room, I want the room to be my canvas. My sewing room will stay within this theme, but you can tailor the projects to your style and your space. I will even talk a little bit about ergonomics in the sewing room.

I am very fortunate and thankful to have a medium sized room with lots of light. It is used not only by me for sewing, but additionally as the "ironing room" where I get the laundry back into order as well as the place where the kids do their homework. So, this being said, it has to accommodate these things as well.

The essentials are already set up - cutting table, sewing table, storage. I have a wonderful cutting table (100x140cm) made by my Schatzi. I am using an older Ikea table (80x120cm) with adjustable legs which gives me the perfect height I need to sew. The table is turned perpendicular to the wall, because I want to look around my room. Otherwise, I would feel like I were in a jail cell looking at a cement wall. It also allows me to quilt larger quilts and let them hang off the table. Last year, I also bought double cabinets for fabric storage and a tall book shelf with drawers for unfinished projects and additional storage.

My room looks a little messy right now, but I wanted to be candid about it. No one is perfect and nothing is ever 100% clean and organized all of the time. My room is in a working condition, not a museum.

First up on the To-Do-List is to get my sewing room back on track and do some spring cleaning...sorting out projects, fabrics, and some general cleaning. I found a good article about it here.

I hope you will join me once a month for a post on project: sewing room! Please feel free to leave a comment about ideas that have helped you in your sewing room/space.


  1. Dieser Raum fehlt mir jetzt schon , und Du auch.

  2. I have mede your version of the cutting table and then went back to only 2 sets of IKEA shelves under mine again because it is to big and to clumsy to move around even with wheel under
    But I like the idea with the 3 Expedits under there enyway
    I did funktion for me for about 1 year or so.
    Nice ideas you otherwise are giving here on your blogsite
    My cutting table is now only 2 shelves under a big wood plank of 2 meters and the height is now 113 cm with wheels under the table to move around.
    Have a nice Easter Break vacation

    Hugs from Lone in Denmark

  3. Hi Karen - I love your cutting table and am just about to start on one myself. I've recently had to move all my "stuff" into a much smaller room so was looking for some good storage ideas. Now that you have been using yours for so long I just wanted to ask are you still completely happy with it?? Is it big enough for pinning a quilt? Is there anything that you would do differently? Would you have preferred it to be on wheels? I look forward to hearing back from you and any suggestions you offer.
    Lesley from Australia

    1. Hi Lesley, I am writing here, because I do not have your personal email address. ;-) Hopefully you check back here as well.;-)

      I am very, very fortunate to have a medium-large sized sewing and crafting room about 15m². I have not moved my room around in the last two years, but I am getting ready for a change. Now, I think it could be somewhat practical if my cutting table had rollers, wheels or casters. On the otherhand, we have laminate flooring and I don't know how stable the flooring is to hold the heavy table on rollers. It could damage the floor over time. In the beginning, I really wanted rollers, and don't remember why I decided against them.

      If your room is small, I would suggest using just two of the Expedit or Kallax shelves without the third at the end. My current table is 100 x 140 (?) cm and is a great size for basting baby quilts. For larger quilts I either baste on the floor or take to the long arm quilter experts. ;-)

      I like to store my books on the open shelves and use the drawers for smaller notions. The drawers don't work as well as I would like them too. They are a little hard to get into. I might decide against THE DRAWERS today.

      I hope this helped you with your decision?


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