Jump Start! a new SAL

Lately, I have been struggling about sewing and my motivation as well as the lack of time. I came across this fun and very short little SAL from EQ7 called Jump Start! It explains how to start up EQ7, design quilts, find blocks and print them out. It does not tell you how to sew your blocks together, unfortunately. This you just have to find out for yourself. It is not too late to hook up and join in the fun!

I acquired this yummy yellow and gray fabric last year and was just waiting for that perfect project to come along. And here it is. I will be making four blocks (I think), and this was the first one. I followed the rules and made the block just as it was illustrated from the program. You can change around the fabrics and make some really striking blocks, but I wanted to follow the rules this time. I like how it turned out with the gray in the middle and then radiates outward with different fabrics.

I just noticed something about this block. Normally, I am all into the color white (or snow rather) in my quilts these days. There is no white in this block!! I think that is why I am liking it soo much! I am not much for the color gray, but the yellow really sparkles here and puts a little sunshine out on the cloudy day.I am anxious to make the other blocks. This is going to turn out to be a very striking and modern table topper, or purse front or wall hanging.

Enjoy your weekend! I will try to get in a little more sewing time this weekend. We'll see what I can whip up.


  1. Schon wieder ein neues Projekt? Du überraschst mich immer wieder! Viel Spaß damit!

  2. Great job Karen! I'm a big fan of white too (as you can see from my block!).
    Thanks for sewing along with us!
    Jenny @ EQ

  3. Liebe Karen,
    ich mache auch bei diesem SAL mit, macht wirklich Spaß! (ich habe den Block bereits genäht, aber hatte noch keine Zeit es zu fotografieren) Du hast wieder wunderschöne Stoffe benutzt!
    Liebe Grüsse aus Italien


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