Sunday, August 10, 2014

no masterpiece today

As we are enjoying (the last of the) summer vacation (in the US and the beginning in Bavaria), we are not able to sew as much as we would like due to other commitments such as lying beside the community pool soaking up the sun. I was inspired by a post from my bloger friend, Leonie at Standkorb-traum, and thought I would spin off the post from hers. She brought up the question about the lack of quality comments to her posts. I personally, do not need to read that my quilts are great, awesome, the best in the world. I, too, would like your honest opinion.

I prefer to write about something meaningful (tips, tricks, experiences) and provide just a little eye candy. I don't like countless pictures of step by step sewing action over months until a quilt is finished. But that's just my style. I blog, because I want to help others if I can and to inspire them.

I thought I would share with you some of my "mistakes" that never got the credit in my blog nor got finished. They didn't scream at me...I am finished...quilt me!! They made it into my UFO drawer. Sometimes I pull them out and think about finishing them...but there are so many other rewarding projects I want to finish. I want to finish the masterpiece.

Leonie went on to criticize her own sampler quilt in oranges, yellows and lavender. I think the sampler looks terrific. One thing you have to remember is showing pictures on the Internet of your work - it's like eating at someone else's house. The food tastes great! Why? You didn't have to prepare it, and it is just different from your own. I have realized that pictures on the Internet look awesome no matter what! The real criticism comes when you look at every seam up and close in person. Those don't lie.

You could say that my table runner above is screaming aqua, it hurts my eyes! There is too much contrast! The red and brown is drowning in the aqua! I made this table runner to learn a new technique. I learned it and moved on. I used the fabric that I had. It doesn't matter to me if the project has ended or not. It doesn't matter that the contrast is too much. I had fun on that day even if others thought I was spaced out or smoking some funny stuff.

Patchwork is supposed to be fun. Have fun with it. Not everything is supposed to be perfect. We are not making products for mass production on the world market. We are making things that give us pleasure and usually for others. There isn't really a right a wrong way, because what is wrong today will show up five years from now as the "new modern."

Enjoy your summer sewing if you have time for it.

If you were wondering about the cardinal, that was a learning experiment one day in winter. I missed the sight of cardinals and needed some away time from the family. I used the fabrics that I had. It never got finished.

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  1. I try a lot of techniques using what I have on hand and often, as you mention, they aren't quite right for one reason or another (usually they are just darned ugly), and they get tossed into a pile that eventually gets stuffed into an laundry basket. That said, I think you should finish the cardinal one day. It's awfully pretty!


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