Monday, November 17, 2014

get your felt on

I have surprised myself with a new interest. When I was at the European Patchwork Convention in Marie St. Aux Mines in September, I started to fall in love with a lot of crafts made with felt. Since then, I have started a few projects, because you can never have too many projects in the works. I even finished one!


This is a cupcake needle/embroidery case for my daughter. I picked up this pattern from a lovely lady from Budapest. Unfortunately, the seller does not have a website. ;-(

A few months back, I was on the hunt for a while for the perfect needle case that would accommodate the scissors without falling out as well as different sized needles. I thought this was a perfect fit as soon as I saw it - and it is sooo cute! We both really enjoyed decorating it. You can see my daughters lovely seed stitching on the scissor compartment.

She enjoyed it so much, we decided to start another project - this time for Christmas.

I found this lovely free pattern from Jessica Levitt! You can use them as ornaments or as decoration on your presents. My DD and I picked out the colors one at a time for each individual owl. She told me there were baby owls and Mama owls too. There is a very special one in her colors that we keep! Can you figure it out? This is such a great project for kids!! If you like felt, check it out!

What I really like about working with felt is the travelability. (Is that a word?) You don't have to turn on your sewing machine to do these. That can really come in handy - just take a long.

What are you working on for Christmas? Have you been staying in touch with Ho, ho, ho and on We Sew? If you haven't there are still some projects you can get done before the Christmas rush.

Happy felting!


  1. The scissor holder is so clever! You two did a lovely job on that cute needlebook!

  2. fun projects - felt, huh? something new to try!

  3. felt things are certainly getting very popular and your needle case is practical too. I have a needle case Catherine made when she was at junior school, she is now 42! Love the owls and now I have discovered how to save a link will be going back and having a go myself.

  4. Liebe Karen,
    ich mag Bastelfilz auch sehr! Dein Nadeltäschchen ist sehr schön geworden - da wird sich Deine Tochter sicherlich freuen!
    Die kleinen Eulen sind auch ganz niedlich...
    Herzlichst, Deborah

  5. I have that little owl pattern- I need to make some! Yours are very cute, and it's really special that your daughter can help you pick out the colors!!

    Travelability??!! I love that!! Now I know what to get together for my (hopeful) trip to Germany next year!! Felt crafts, and hexies!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Das Nadelmäppchen ist schön geworden und ich freue mich dass Sabrina und Du so viel Spaß daran habt.

  7. Das sind total süß aus - die Eulen sind auch herrlich! Das macht sicherlich viel Spaß! Vielleicht kannst Du sowas ja auch bei unserem Pillow Swap als Deko verwenden :-)


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