Saturday, January 10, 2015

hello twenty-15

Happy New Year to everyone! I have taken some time off to think about a few things and get my sewing gusto back on track. The holidays were wonderful, and I really enjoyed the down-time. I hope you enjoyed them as well?

With every new year, there are changes in least for me that is. I need change!! My husband didn't know what he signed up for when he married me. At least he is one of the constants in my life! =)

I started thinking about what type of change I need as far as my blog and communication with others. Why do I blog? Why do you blog? Why do we read each others sites? What would we do without the social networks of today? I have decided that I am going to spend less time blogging and more time sewing. My commitment to myself is to blog three or four times a month usually showing a finish off or what I have learned. A big step for me is joining INSTAGRAM as well. I still want to share with you what I am working on. Maybe you like it and comment on it. Maybe it becomes an inspiration piece. Maybe you skip on over it. But I want to keep going...keep creating...keep sharing....but giving myself more time to do just that - what I love to do.


Our Pillow Swap Four Seasons is in full swing! I am really enjoying checking in every day and seeing what the spectacular ladies are creating for each other. In the beginning, I admit, I was really nervous and intimidated, because these women are so FABULOUS! I was confused with the swap too...should I make directly from an inspiration photo or make something of my own? I have since found my own method of creating for others in the least a starting point. :) If you are curious to see what I am working on, please check it out here. These are the fabrics I am going with. Since I have already started, there is no turning back now. =)

What have I been working on? I decided to get back to my old advanced sampler I started SEVERAL years ago. I totally love the fabric from Kate Spain called Fandago. All I have to do is finish a few 12" blocks, because the sashing and binding are already finished!

I worked on this wedding ring block which went together much easier than I thought it would. I printed the templates from EQ7 which were a little tight on the outer sides. I cut bigger pieces for fabrics for the fourth block and got myself into a pickle (or trouble). That's why there is a slight fold in the center. ;-) I thought it was more important for my seams to match up rather than a little won't be noticeable after it is quilted anyway? Right?

Then I worked on a Burnham block. Does anyone know this block? I found it a long time ago and bookmarked it to make the Y-Seam in the middle. I started by sewing strips together instead of making templates for each section. I wanted to save some time and be accurate. The fun thing about it - you get two blocks for one. Do you see the scraps to the right that make an additional block? I might put it on the back for a signature block.

I debated back and forth whether I wanted to sew this with a Y-Seam or skip it. Since this is a sampler for me - of my own skills - I have to challenge myself. I thought about it - how to get this little square into the center of the block. I knew where it connected on a straight line, but thought there could be an even simpler way of getting it in there without a Y-seam. I could applique it in the center. I even did it, but wasn't happy with the result.

Then I after a morning of struggling and be unhappy, I ripped it apart between the yellow and orange strips - where it is really supposed to be connected. I marked my 1/4 dots and it went together perfectly.

The center looks a little funky with the seam pressed forward, but I think I will work that out later.

This was really a fun block to make and could see making it more often. Next up on my sampler list is a folkart applique to test out my hand button-hole sewing. Please join me on Instagram - easypatchwork.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hallo Karen,
    Du warst ja schon richtig fleißig, und ich kann die Fältchen die Dich stören zum besten Willen nicht finden.

  2. Hallo Karen,
    ich war schon öfters auf deinem Blog, weil er mir gut gefällt! Und kaum folge ich dir, willst du weniger bloggen, das kann ja wohl nicht wahr sein ;-) das wäre doch schade!
    Deine Begeisterung für die Stoff kann ich gut verstehen :-)

  3. Oh, ich darf auf Deutsch schreiben ... ;))) Ich mag deinen Wedding Ring Block sehr, Karen, die Stoff-Kombi ist klasse und die Stoffe harmonieren hervorragend ... Und ich denke, ich hätte mich auch für die Nähte und gegen die Falte entschieden ... ich kann die beschriebene kleine Falte übrigens nur sehen, wenn ich das Bild hier auf dem Tablet ganz groß aufschiebe ... ;))) Ääähhh, der Block gehört nicht zufällig zum Swap und du bist meine Partnerin??? ;)))

  4. Liebe Karen,
    Deine Stoffe lachen mein Herz wieder an - so schön frisch und fröhlich!
    Der "Wedding" Block ist wunderschön geworden - ich liebe dieses Muster und der "Burnham" Block ist dir auch super gelungen!
    Leider ist die Zeit zum nähen immer sooo knapp - man muß sich einfach diese Zeit nehmen und dann kommen eben andere Sachen wieder zu kurz.... schwierig auch für mich - ich fühle mit dir meine Liebe!!
    Allerliebste Grüße

  5. Liebe Karen,
    Deine Blöcke sind fantastisch! Der Wedding Ring Block ist genial schön! Und auf Instagram habe ich heute schon Deinen wunderschönen Cardinal bewundert - auch toll! Unser Swap ist sehr inspirierend und ich bin auch froh, dass alles so gut läuft! Macht Spaß mit Dir!
    LG, Sandra


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