Tuesday, January 26, 2016

project sewing room: a new addition

I started the project: sewing room a couple of years to document the changes/additions I make to my sewing room. Along the years, I have wanted to make updates and improvements to my sewing room, but I am a true minimalist at heart. Okay, if you want to know the truth, I don't know the first thing about interior design. Along with being conditioned not to collect things since I moved around a lot, I tried to keep the minimum around without having to throw it away the next time I moved. I have two new milestone improvements to my sewing room! Yeah!

The most important addition is my thread rack. For years now, I have been asking my sewing friends what they use for storing their threads. Katrin of Cattinka uses this really cool idea of storing her threads on baking sheets. Her husband made a really cool storage rack for it too. I was definitely jealous when I saw hers. I even went out and bought a bunch of supplies to make my own thread rack, and my husband kindly asked me to return the items so he could "think of something" and make it himself. You see, I had specifics...I wanted a thread rack that enclosed my thread, and you could see it all at a glance.

As months stretched on to a year, he came up with a plan, not to make the shelf, but rather "have it made." I was okay with that. Of course, it always (sentimentally) means a little bit more when your sweetheart makes something for you, but if we could find it a little cheaper and didn't have to worry about building it, that would be okay too. He did his research (my husband LOVES TO DO RESEARCH) and found an awesome place to have the rack made - vitrine24.

"Sammelvitrine" for Thread

The rack or "display case" is custom-made with the measurements 19 1/2 inches x 29 inches or 50cm x 75cm. It is separated into two parts. The top part and bottom part are equal in size, but you can have it adjusted and made however you wish. Both parts have two, clear Plexiglas doors that slide open from the sides. There are NO SPOOL INSERTS. I just wanted a place to "display" my thread and keep it free of dust.

The second addition to my sewing room is a pin board. I bought a cork panel ~ 50 x 90 cm from the local home building and supply store (BayWa) and inserted three, metal picture hangers into each side and in the middle on the back to hang it up.

Picture Hanger Screw

I use it for notes and smaller blocks. The mini quilt or block pictured here in green is a free form creation from my daughter (8 years old). She made it all by herself! Seriously, I totally let my kids sew on my machine and I DON'T watch over them. : )

Do-it-Yourself Pin Board

If you think my room is nice and tidy, it is when everything is cleaned up and put away. Since I am right in the middle of a couple of projects, the "in-progress material" was temporarily relocated. : )

If you are wondering why I didn't install the thread shelf above my sewing table, there are two reasons, actually three.
  1. The pin board was already installed before the thread rack. That means, there were already holes in the wall. We can't go making more holes now can we?
  2. I like to see my colorful threads. At the table, I wouldn't be able to see anything if I am sitting there. 
  3. I might change my room layout around in the near future. My sewing table would go where the cutting table now is. Then the threads would be at my back.
What is next on the list for sewing room improvements? Hmm. I have been wanting a new chair. I don't think I want a computer chair, but something more stylish could do. I like my wedge cushion and don't think I could throw that away. : )

Thanks for stopping by. Next time, give me a call and I'll brew a special coffee just for us!


  1. What great new additions to your sewing room. I especially love the new spool display vitrine. I've always admired spool racks but honestly couldn't bear to have one myself because I just couldn't deal with dusty spools - the same reason I won't have fabric stored on open shelves in my house. Your vitrine is the perfect solution, it displays the spools beautifully and keeps them dust free.

  2. Dear Karen!
    I love the thread storage. It's really nice and so dust safe!
    I store my threads in ArtBin-Boxen right on my side in a shelf beneath my sewing machine. But next month we will move to our new flat one stair down, so I have to rearrange all things. I think, there will be many changes until I will find my favorite positions of everything. ;)
    Greetings, Rike

  3. Danke fürs Verlinken. Deine Nähzimmer Organisation ist spitze und was die Ordnung angeht... ich komm bald vorbei und hinterlass etwas Unordnung!

  4. what a great way to keep your threads mine are in drawers and they get tangled up, cork board works well too, I used to have one but it fell to pieces time I got another one!


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