Monday, July 3, 2017

bitten by the ungrateful fairy

Today I logged onto to Craftsy to see what patterns I had sold. I quickly noticed I had one negative review of my "pattern" New York Beauty Alternate Cutting Instructions. I was reviewd with one out of five stars with the anonymous person stating it wasn't a pattern and wasn't worth the download. Hmmpf. Yes, I know this is not a free pattern but cutting instructions. I stated this on the instruction sheet as well as in the description. I even stated you needed to have the pattern, where to get it, and how much it cost.

I opted to upload this sheet to Craftsy, so I could see who is actually downloading it. Craftsy allows you to see everyone who downloads your patterns which is a security measurement for me to know if someone has infringed upon the copyright. Most people ignore the fact that everything you create, every image, every photo is unofficially copyrighted. You do not need this © sign on anything you create to state it is copyrighted. It is automatic. Even if it is shown on a pattern, © 2017 Karen Ackva, this doesn't mean they are just the author. You are not allowed to copy it nor distribute the content without written consent from that person. I write this on all my patterns, but legally, it is understood. I put it on my patterns just to remind others. Legally, no one is allowed to even repost one of your photos on Instagram without permission. Did you know that too?

I was so disturbed by the negative feedback from this one ungrateful fairy, that I deleted the free cutting instructions for this as well as other "free"patterns. If you are looking for this sheet, you can still find it here.

I would like to remind all of you out there who download free patterns of anything - a lot of work and thought goes into writing patterns, tutorials, and blog posts. I think a simple thank you or appreciation is reward enough. Sometimes, that is just too expensive, though. I apologize Ungrateful Fairy! If you had left your name, I would have sent you the entire pattern free of charge including all full size templates.

**EDITED** I reuploaded the form to Craftsy. I decided I shouldn't let one bad apple get in the way of a nice thing, especially for those who really appreciate it. If you are looking for the original pattern, you can purchase on my website page or on Etsy in my easypatchworkSHOP. Thank you.

-Happy Butterfly


  1. This must have upset you! I know you put a lot of thought and ambition in your work and are willing to share a lot of it for free too - so it's really disappointing to get such a negative feedback. I often recognized that people in the US seem to reward the work of designers much more and are willing to pay for a pattern whereas here in Germany many people expect to get everything for free... Don't mind, your pattern are really worth paying for!!!

  2. Karen, es gibt immer wieder Neider die Dir das Leben schwer machen wollen. Ein guter Rat von mir ist es solche Leute einfach zu ignorieren.

  3. I would not get as upset about one review. If you look at reviews for other products and classes on Craftsy you will notice bad reviews because they did not read the description thoroughly. It's too bad they can't be deleted because they are misleading.

  4. Hallo Karen,
    Was für ein feiger Mensch, wenn er sich nicht traut, dir direkt zu sagen, was er nicht gut findet. Und hej, du hast es mehrfach reingeschrieben und es war "for free". We're hat denn heute noch so eine Internetleitung, bei der jeder Bit einzeln kostet? Ärgere dich nicht zu sehr! Der NYB sieht toll aus!
    LG, Rike

  5. Liebe Karen,
    lass dich von einer negativen Bewertung nicht runter ziehen! Denk lieber daran, wie wir uns am Wochenende alle über deinen Schnitt gefreut haben! Das ist das was zählt und das ist das, wofür du dir die ganze Arbeit machst, oder? :-)

  6. Oh, karen, honey, don't let it upset you anymore! Every once in awhile one person comes along and spreads their negativity. You did make it perfectly clear, and that person was just looking for something free. Pooh on them! XO


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