Monday, June 30, 2014

being a tourist again

I was playing hooky the last two weeks and took a mini vacation with my dear hubby. We visited a quaint little town along the Mosel where we tied the knot ten years ago. Since I am totally integrated into German society, it was fun playing the tourie. I spoke English the whole time and ease dropped on other English-speaking tourists. I even ordered my food in English...not really, but I could have. ;-)
Can you guess where we were??

We were in Cochem and there was a very nice little wine festival going on as well on exactly the same weekend! What a cooincidence and to our luck.

It was so enjoyable to spend time just with my husband listen to good music and sipping on great Mosel wine with such awesome weather! What had a very romantic weekend filled with a river boat excursion to a castle ruin, fine dining, a tour of the castle and walks along the Mosel. Life doesn't get any better than this!

Here are some impressions of our mini vacation. Sometimes I have to remind myself how great it is to be living my own dreams.

We took a little river boat cruise to Beilstein. It wanted to sprinkle a little, but stayed dry for the most part.


We visited the castle ruins and the church/monastery as well as having a little appetite refresher. I ate a most fabulous split pea soup with ham. Oh, yummy!

After lunch and a bit in our tummies, we tasted some award winning Mosel Riesling and a glass of Kerner.

Back to Cochem an der Mosel for a site seeing tour of the Reichsburg Cochem - the castle where we got married and had a champagne reception. We were very fortunate on our wedding day with great weather as well as on our second honeymoon.

Thank you for joining me on my little vacation tour. And thanks for dropping by!


  1. Man sieht Dir an, dass Du einen schönen Kurzurlaub hattest!

  2. Sehr schöne Gegend Karen! Vielen Dank für die Tour!
    Liebe Grüße


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