Monday, June 16, 2014

what's your favorite online fabric store?

As my Stoffvorrat slowly comes to an end, (not really, but it seems that my fabric is going quickly), I was thinking about ordering some more. Where to buy? Unfortunately, there is no fabric store around me that offers the most current collections from big name companies including precuts.

When I buy fabric, there are usually two ways I do it. I either buy according to a project, or I buy what I like, usually within a collection, so I don't have to figure out if it matches or not. I LOVE precuts! - strips, charms, layer cakes, and fat quarters.

I used to buy loads of reduced fabric, because by the time it gets to me, it won't be current anyway considering transport and Customs. I stopped this simply because I was buying too many country and civil war fabrics. Most of them have been weeded out.

In the early years, I didn't really know where to find pretty quilting fabric that was "up-to-date" or modern. I am not really into flower prints. I prefer tone-on-tone (TOT) or geometrical fabrics. I like a range of print scaling too - large, medium and small or no print aka solids. I remember buying up some Berenstain Bears fabric called "Welcome to Bear Country" and thought the artist didn't get the memo on designing fabrics for quilters who need a range of different scaling. The collection consisted of primarily medium prints with one large scale. It helped by bringing in alternate solids.

I made a really nice pattern using the prints from the main characters by stacking them, slicing and sewing back together. If anyone has sewn together this quilt, I would love to see it. You can get the pattern free on Craftsy. There are directions for two different sizes. Brigitte Heitland did the most beautiful job at quilting it too especially with "Berenstain Bears" text at the top!

Back to fabric stores...I found a couple of really nice online fabric shops over the last few years. If you are a big online fabric shopper, these are probably not new to you. If you are new, this will be a good starting point. They are in no specific order.
  • The Fat Quarter Shop - good for most current fabric - great for precuts, not so good for yardage unless you are willing to order full yard cuts.
  • Hawthorne Threads - great for up-to-date fabrics. Great service. They run a very professional company; it usually takes six weeks for me to get my fabric due to Customs. They have a great design board which really helps to match up fabrics! Sign up for their weekly newsletter for your chance to win fabric!!
  • fabricworm - fresh modern fabrics. I have never ordered from them, but think they have a great store.
  • The Quilted Castle - good prices, good service!
  • Creative Quilt Kits - very nice kits. I have found some really nice children's fabric there.
  • Keepsake Quilting - they publish an awesome catalog featuring current collections and "medleys". It costs a little bit more for shipping but no problems. I was at their shop once in Center Harbor New Hampshire. I was in HEAVEN and started to daydream about retiring there next to the water in a lake house. Girls, if you have access to this shop, go there directly in person. They have summer closeouts too! >>screaming<<
Within Germany:
In Switzerland:
  • Cotton & Color - I have never been disappointed with this company. They are timely and correct. The prices are great too. Their website is in English, French and German!

Do you have a favorite online fabric store for quilt and patchwork? Or do you prefer to visit a fabric store in person to touch, feel, caress the fabric the way all of us do? I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to sign up for post updates via bloglovin, Google or email on the right. Happy patching...


  1. I buy most of my fabrics from the US as they are so very much cheaper than ehre in Switzerland even when I take customs charges and shipping into account. I use many of the stores you have mentioned already in addition to, The Intrepid Thread, Pink Castle Fabrics and Southern Fabric. From time to time I also order from Fluffy Sheep Qilting in Ireland and Plush Fabrics in the UK and I get Liberty fabrics from veryberry fabrics on folksy/etsy and Alice Caroline on etsy. The only things I tend to buy here in Switzerland are Aurifil thread and basting spray and Quilter's Dream batting and I get those from Busy Needle quilting. I would love to buy locally but even if fabric wasn't so very expensive relative to what i can buy it for online the stores just don't carry the fabric lines I like and if they do they only carry a very limited selection of fabrics.

  2. Hallo Karen,
    ich kauf lieber vor Ort, nur ganz selten bestell ich mir mal was und wenn dann bisher nur aus Deutschland.

  3. Ich mag Stoff & Stil aus Dänemark ganz gern für die ganzen unifarbenen Stoffe und Cord und Leine... ansonsten geh ich ganz gern in Läden und halt nach Sonderangeboten ausschau - weil gaz ehrlich, welcher Student soll sich denn Stoffe für 18€/m leisten können ...

  4. Hi Karen,

    if I buy fabrics, preferably directly in a fabric store to touch it, feel it, to caress.
    But have ordered already on the Internet, in various substances Stores
    On my blog I have a lot of different links, from online stores collected ... but not yet possible made ​​in all experience.
    Sorry, my english is not so good;-)!

    Greetings from Germany,

  5. Hier gibt es leider keine grosse Auswahl an Stoffshops deshalb bestelle ich bei Fat Quarter Shop! Tolle Anleitung - danke!


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