Thursday, September 18, 2014

it's all in the label, baby!

It is so refreshing to finish up one of my quilts especially the last process of closing the binding with hand stitches. I like to reflect about the entire process and whom the quilt is for. (Every process of the quilting making is crucial and takes planning. No step should be sped on through.) One of the very last steps should not be forgotten and should be just as beautiful as the quilt itself. What step you may ask? The labeling of course! There are lots of different ways of labeling a quilt, but the best one I like at the moment is ironing a self-made, computer-generated t-shirt label onto a solid piece of fabric and then hand sewing to the back of the quilt.

I set a template in Photoshop for a standard size of 10 x 15 cm and adjust according to the size of my quilt. If it will become a mini, the size will usually be reduced to maybe half the size - 7 x 10 cm or so. I like to incorporate some aspect of the design of the quilt usually by making a block or importing the block from EQ7.
Here are a few of my favorite labels and corresponding quilts so you can see which elements I captured fromt the quilt in the label:

Scrapkunst - the Doll Quilt Swap - "Let's go modern"

Prairie Star - Doll Quilt Monthly - "Diamonds are Forever"

 Crosses on Paper - Doll Quilt Monthly - "Try Something New"

Katzenpost - Doll Quilt Monthly - "Love Letters"

Tulips Upside Down - Doll Quilt Monthly - "In the Garden"?

Chess or Checkers? - Doll Quilt Monthly - "For Kids"

The elegant way of finishing up the label is to add a little binding to the edge. It really doesn't take that long and gives it an awesoming finishing touch. On my most recent label, I took one inch strips, folded in half lengthwise, pressed, and sewed to the tops and bottoms of the label (binding style - raw edges together) using 1/8" and press outwards. On the outer two strips, I folded the edges in 1/4" so the raw edge wouldn't show. Then I pinned in place and hand stitched around the edge. Voila!

I would love to hear about your favorite method of "signing your quilt." Please leave a comment and share with all of us. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I love your labels and your quilts too - you have made lots of really lovely minis. I've been using printable fabric for a lot of my labels and have a standard printout design that I use. I never thought to use t-shirt transfers as I never found they withstood lots of washing (but then the last time I used them was 5 or more years ago) but I'm definitely going to start using them for minis and the like now.

  2. Making the label is just as much fun for me as putting the quilt together. Sometimes I make an extra block, sometimes I embroider something special, and sometimes I keep it simple and just use ink. I make a lot of labels for the quilters in my community. I think that by the time they finish their quilts, they couldn't be bothered anymore! It's fun to come up with something unique that fits their pieces. I love your idea for labels. A great look!

  3. I have to admit that my labels don't often get a lot of attention - name, maker date, often hand lettered, sometimes directly on to the backing. After seeing your pretty versions, I'm going to uip my game - like that bit of binding you add!

  4. Da bin ich eher etwas nachlässig, ich hab nicht an all meinen Quilts Labels dran. Deine Methode gefällt mir aber sehr gut.

  5. how nice to have lovely labels, so far all I have done is write on a piece of fabric my name date etc and stitch it to the back, must try harder to produce nice labels!

  6. These are adorable, I want something made from you just so I can have the label on it! So awesome!


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