Monday, September 29, 2014

Moda Bake Shop has a new face

Oh if you are a big MODA Bake Shop reader like me, I guess you have already noticed that it is now located on WordPress instead of Blogger. There's a new look and feel to the site as well. If you are not familiar with the site it lists great ideas and patterns/tutorials with what you can do with all of those gorgeous precuts available on the market. You don't just have to make a quilt; you could also make a table runner, or changing pad, or socks or any number of patterns available on the site. There is usually a post twice a week with a new "chef" presenting a new recipe! How awesome is that?

Don't forget to check it out. I was tickled to see my new picture as one of the "chefs" as well. I have two recipes already listed on the site as well as one in the works. I think it will be coming very soon! Stay tuned!

Keep your patchen on.


  1. Super.... toll... freue mich...liebe Karen!!

  2. Glückwünsche - das ist sicher ein tolles Gefühl. Ich muss ja gestehen ich folge Moda nicht wirklich ... da ist einfach zu viel von allem ...

  3. Ich mag die Moda Seite sehr gern, man findet oft schöne Anregungen dort. Ich glaube, Deinen "Forgotten Five Mini" muss ich auch mal ausprobieren... :-)
    LG, Sandra

  4. Ich hatte mich schon gewundert dass ich keinen blogfeed mehr erhalte, Du hast das Rätsel gelüftet. Du machst Dich sehr gut unter den anderen "Köchen".


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