Monday, February 2, 2015

warming up for v-day

Are you a romantic? Do you love to spoil your loved ones with sweets and chocolates on Valentine's Day? We do! My mom always made a big schabang about it with boxes of chocolates for each member of the family. Granted, this was back in the seventies and eighties when you didn't get candy on a daily basis. (That's another story though.) We would always receive a beautiful card as well thoughtfully hand picked according to our character by our our mom and dad. I am trying to pass on the excitement and tradition to my family and NO it's not just another AMERICAN import for the companies to sell more chocolates and cards!! How often do you really appreciate your family?? Okay, we spoil them with activities, presents, love, extra privileges, BUT VALENTINE's  DAY is so special. It is that one extra special day to say, "Hey! I love you more than anything else in this world!" Can you understand me here?

I started working on a mini place mat or oversized mug rug (about 8 x 10 inches) for my husband. I wanted to try out this really great PP pattern from Jenny at (Jennymakesstuff) with a slightly tilted arrow. It would be a great choice for a quick present for my husband on Valentine's Day. He always says I make too many things for other people, and we don't keep anything ourselves - meaning it is not for him. Aren't men a little sensitive sometimes? ;-)

The free arrow template went together like a dream! I used a couple 5" charms from a new V-Day charm pack. I liked the arrow and the XO (which stands for kisses and hugs), but thought there was still a little too much black going on. What to do?

I decided to add in a quick pocket for some office treats. I folded a charm in half and sewed around the outside. I went for a little outline quilting in red and black. Quick 1-2-3! I added 1 1/2" single fold binding.

The new XL mug rug is going to be the perfect gift for my sweetie on V-Day, especially since he brought home a nice loot from his last business trip to L.A.!! He went to JoAnn's Fabrics and to a really awesome quilt shop he found on his own called Sew Modern. I am also putting this on my list for online shops; the prices are great and the fabrics are fresh! This is what he brought home just for me!!

Keep in mind, he did have a list with him of what I wanted. Men need lists don't they?? But don't expect them to look at the quantities! That won't happen. = )
  • Three different plastic template sheets
  • 8" pinking scissors
  • Fiskars Titanium roll cutter
  • applique sharps (needles)
  • 5" embroidery hoop
  • 6" embroidery hoop
  • Clover Clips
  • Hex N More (large) ruler
I gave a few tips about fabrics - modern and I liked the new collection from Carolyn Friedlander - Doe, and text prints preferably in black with white writing. He forgot his list and forgot about the Doe, BUT he picked out - Kona Cotton Solids - Patchwork City Autumn, Cotton & Steel - Sarah Watts - Tokyo Train, and Tula Pink - Modern Shrine plus two yards of turquoise solids and two assorted prints! My man has great taste in fabrics!! = )

I am so excited to DIVE INTO the fabric, but I have some more projects to get out of the way first. I envision, yes, envision a quilt with that yummy fabric with the new Hex N More ruler!! There are just so many ways you can use it! Watch the videos and you will be amazed!

And what else have I been working on? I finished up my pillow for our Four Seasons Pillow Swap. I am not going to share THAT here today. That will get its own special post. =)

What did I learn this week? I HATE WORKING WITH BIASES!

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  1. Also ich stimme Dir in einem Punkt zu. Du machst zu viele Sachen für Andere und zu wenige für Dich und Deine Familie. Und Dein Mann hat mit seinem shopping trip gezeigt wie sehr er Dich liebt und er braucht auch keinen Valentinstag dazu.

  2. Ach, ist das nicht ein Traum - Männer, die so gekonnt für einen Stoffe und Zubehör shoppen gehen? Da können viele Frauen nur träumen davon! Ich habe es Dir heute ja schon gesagt, das sind so tolle Stoffe, da bin ich echt ein bisschen neidisch... Das Geschenk für Deinen Mann ist ein absoluter Traum - da wird er sich sicherlich sehr freuen! Würde ich ja gerne abschauen bei Dir :-)
    LG, Sandra

  3. Goodmorning!
    Last night a ordered a lot of fabric from Sew Modern. Hope it arrives here in the Netherlands within two weeks. Can't wait to play with it. I ordered blender type fabrics in colours that were in low stock in my stash.... Any reason for buying fabrics, right? Glad to spend my giftcard of the Blogger Quilt Festival for this. It helps with the shipping costs and the custom taxes! ( I hope they skip my package this time! ) do you have to pay taxes too for a package from outside Europe?
    Your new stash is really wonderful! Your husband is the best for bringing all of this home for you!

  4. Hach....... Dein Mann ist aber herzallerliebst - und das ist wirklich ein Liebesbeweis!
    SO LIEB!!
    Dein Geschenk für Deinen Mann ist SUPER TOLL - da wird er sich sicherlich darüber freuen!
    GLG, Deborah


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