Sunday, May 31, 2015

pillow swap four seasons - autumn edition

Sign ups are now open for the Autumn Edition of Pillow Swap Four Seasons found on flickr. Come join us!

What is it all about? We are a group of talented, international quilters and patchworkers who love to sew for each other four times a year using seasonal fabrics, motifs, designs, etc. according to the wishes and desires for one lucky recipient. The best part about our group, is that your partner remains one big secret until she/he receives her/his pillow case. You will also receive a pillow cover from a different person in return according to YOUR WISHES. No one knows who is sewing for whom until the final reveal date announcing all swap partners. It is sort of like "secret Santa" but four times of the year! You  will also be posting little sneak peeks of your creative process throughout the season and let the final pillow be a surprise for your partner. Anyone is allowed to join up as long as you have an active Flickr account.

Made for me by Karriofberries - Spring Pillow Swap

How does my "secret partner" know what I like? Before you submit a Google Form, we ask you to design a mosaic of items of interest or wishes for aN autumn pillow. The amount of ideas is up to you. You design your own mosaic. You can have six ideas or 40! This will be the starting point for the person sewing for you. Your partner will also be forwarded your personal information such as shipping address, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, blog, etc. so she can "stalk" you to find out your exact interests and your style.

Made for me by Karin - Summer Round

What do you need to do to sign up? (1) You must have an active Flickr account. (2) read and agree to the Rules and General Information of the group. (3) create a Flickr mosaic with your interests/style/wishes. (4) post your mosaic of your style/interests/wishes for pillow case in the Pillow Swap Four Seasons Flickr group and (5) sign up with the form below. We require a mosaic before you sign up to ensure your Flickr account is active, and the others can get started learning about you and your interest. Only your mosaic will be public for all to see.

My Mosaic for Autumn 2015

1. Pumpkin Mini Quilt - detail, 2. Vineyard at Dalla Terra, 3. Witchy toes, 4. buttons and pin cushion, 5. Free Quilt Pattern, 6. Appalachian Autumn, 7. Patchwork pumpkin, 8. Halloween Fabrics, 9. Perfect Apple Pie Recipe, 10. Pumpkin Patch, 11. Aspens in Wonderland, 12. pleated pillow tutorial, 13. Too Cute to Spook Pillow, 14. appliqued apple, 15. Peanut Carmel Apple, 16. Who has more sincerity than Linus? #Charlie_Brown #It's_The_Great_Pumpkin,_Charlie_Brown #Linus #Sally #Pumpkin_Patch, 17. Indie Pillow inspired by West Elm Kantha Chevron Pillows, 18. Handmade Autumn Swap-Pillow close-up, 19. Lone Tree detail, 20. Moonlit Scaredy Cat, 21. For Natalie, 22. Halloween Block, 23. Ruska Quilt - WIP, 24. autumn leaves, 25. Pillow Cover.

After we receive all forms, the group will be divided into three sub-groups according to skill level. We like to assign a new partner every round, too. The groups are also divided in such a way that even the swap mamas don't know who is sewing for them! That way, we have fun too!

After sign-ups close, you will receive a secret letter from one of the swap mamas (Sandra or myself) with the name and personal information of your partner. This information should remain secret. To ensure you are not "found out" by whom you are sewing for, it is best to stay in contact with all members of group and comment on all the photos others post! Stalk everyone! Not literally, of course! ;-)

Registration for the Autumn Round closes on June 12, 2015 so don't be shy. And please be 100% committed before you sign up. If your schedule is too busy at the moment, you can always join up for the Winter Edition. Check back at the beginning of September.

Autumn 2015
Registration: June 1 - June 12
Partners Assigned: Monday, June 15
Shipping Dates: Aug. 8 24 - Sep. 1
Announcement of Recipients: Monday, Sept. 15 

Registration Form
(Please click below to go directly to the Google form)

Registration is now closed.

Thanks for joining up and can't wait to see a whole new array of beautiful fall pillows!!


  1. best of luck getting people to sign up for this swap, look forward to seeing what you make and receive

  2. Hallo Karen!
    I will sign up again. It was so much fun to see all the previews and to get in touch with other quilters all over the world. And I hope my healthy will be better than the last weeks. *grml* ;)
    LG, Rike

  3. Liebe Karen, was für ein schönes Mosaik. Genauso stelle auch ich mir den Herbst vor, mit Kürbissen, Äpfeln, Halloweenmotiven, Blättern etc Wahrscheinlich werde ich auch wieder dabei sein ....
    Liebe Grüße, Astrid

  4. I want to sign up. The only thing holding me back is my surgery date and the unknown of rehab. Let me think...

  5. Ach, ihr habt da etwas Tolles aufgezogen! Leider habe ich gerade gar keine Zeit :-( Aber ich verfolge die Ergebnisse immer ganz neugierig!
    LG, Eva


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