Monday, November 23, 2015

i've been very productive lately

Almost another whole month has gone by without me posting. I have not only gotten sucked into the Instagram world (whole-heartedly) but I've also become very productive. I know I should probably post more about what I have been doing, but I just keep finding more projects and investing the time into my sewing instead of blogging.

I have a lot of secret projects at the moment that may or may not be printed, but what I can show you is a pillowcase that I am really proud of! I made this pillow for my secret partner on Pillow Talk Swap IG Stlye. Unfortunately, the person who I designed the pillow for and sewed it for, went MIA (missing in action). She not only did not post when she was sewing for her partner, but also removed her mosaic of what she wanted sewn for her. <<shaking head>> Well, there are always going to be flakers in this world aren't there. Schade. Schade. I hope this pillow will find a new home, but it may just stay with me. = ) Who knows?

Down the Foxhole 18" Pillow from easypatchwork

I love Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Foxes pattern and this is what my partner had in her mosaic. I thought I would make it very bright and cheery and a little quirky with some of the faces spinning in circles.

Down the Foxhole without Border

I designed the block using EQ7 and changed the sizing of it to fit a five inch block. This illustration shows the main center with the nine foxes. I added a 1 1/2" border strip all the way round making it 18" square.

The fabrics used are mostly from Micheal Miller Fabrics - Gem Tones from just one charm pack. You can not get a whole fox face out of one charm the way I sewed mine together. The ears on mine are folded over with one whole piece of fabric sewn on the diagonal for added dimension.

As you can see, I that pretty striped orange fox didn't make the final cut. Even though the fabric is so beautiful, it didn't look that impressive as a fox for this pillow. It might become a mug rug though.

The white is actually from Zen Chic with cute circles called Modern Background, Ink Zen Silver, XOXO. The black is a simple solid from Kona.

I even added a little piping to it to make it pop right out. This was my first try at piping in a pillow too. The black fabric is from Sweetwater for Moda called Elementary Equations. This was my fabric of the year 2015. I used it several of my makes and totally love it!!

After the the pillow top was finished, I decided to quilt it with a Monofil (transparent) thread. I have tried to use this thread before, but with little success. This time, I worked a little harder at adjusting my top and bottom threads to get the perfect balance so the bobbin thread doesn't show. I also quilted using a straight lines every 3/4 inch.

And I used a little bit of Tula Pink fabric I had reserved for another project for the back. It was the perfect size when I cut the WOF in half on the fold line. I also managed to line up the pattern to make a smaller wave through the middle. I love it when a plan comes together.

 I am very pleased with my result! I will proudly keep this one, if I am allowed to. = )

And if not, I hope it is loved and cheerished in its new home.

Thanks for dropping by after a very long absence! I'll try to get better about posting more often, but then again, I won't be able to sew as much...okay, I have to find a happy balance! Thanks again fro dropping by!


  1. Oh, so ein tolles Fuchskissen, große Klasse!

  2. It's a wonderful pillow ... wherever it ends up.

  3. Liebe Karen,
    wunderschönes Kissen, ganz tolle Arbeit.
    Liebe Grüßle,

  4. Liebe Karen,
    das Kissen ist spitze! Mir gefallen beide Seiten, das mit der Welle hinten hat ja hervorragend geklappt.
    Und ich würde mich freuen wenn Du öfters bloggst.

  5. It's adorable, Karen! You did an amazing job. I'd want to keep it, top! As far as blogging goes, you blog when the inspiration strikes, otherwise it becomes an unpleasant chore. If it's not fun, why do it? That said, there are those of us who don't do the Instagram thing, so we'd like to see you in Blogland once in awhile! XO

  6. Wow, your pillow is amazing! I love the fabrics, the pattern and the perfect back with the matching wave. Fantastic work! And you know, I'm sorry if you have obviously sewn such a wonderful pillow cover for a flaker - good that you haven't sent it yet!

  7. I've been admiring this on Instagram! (and yes, IG has had a part in sucking me away from blogging too.) It's a shame your partner flaked, but how hard it can be to part with something you made "just so." I say keep this beauty!

  8. I say keep it it really is a lovely pillow, such a shame when people let others down but maybe the lady is very poorly.Will check you out on instagram, I look at it but do not often post on it, mind you I am as bad on my blog it is about 2 months sine I added to it but still check other people`s.

  9. I tried your name on instagram and it comes up as not found?

  10. It is really hard to have it all, isn't it? If I'm sewing then there is hardly any time to blog about it, and when I do blog, there is a lot of time sucked up with the behind the scences pictures, editing, text, etc. The beauty of IG is that it really is so instant!

    What a bummer about your IG swap partner... if one doesn't have the time or a see-it-through additude, then don't sign up in the first place! I'm sure you'll find an all too happy recipient for your pillow... it turned out just lovely!

    I just might have to pick your brain one day about EQ7... I've had my eye on it for way too long now!

    LG, Allison

  11. What a fun pillow! You know, it is good that it will stay with you!

  12. Beautiful pillow, I was hoping I was your partner, I cannot believe that someone would not want to take part in this swap! I just need to get my back put together on my pillow and then it will be going on a long journey.


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