Tuesday, February 23, 2016

danube river quilt

Hi Everyone! This winter has been rather strange here in Germany this year. Unlike last year, this year has been really mild. We have received very little snow, and the temperatures rarely have dropped below freezing. Today, you can hear the birds chirping their lovely songs which awakens the springtime feelings in all of us. This can only mean, it is time to get out the fresher colors from your fabric stash and make something exquisite! I have an exciting new quilt for your featured in Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Spring 2016! Get your copy while they last!

Check it out at your local newstand!

Although I am an American, I live in Germany, close to Ulm, along along the Donau (Danube), which is the second largest river in Europe. It originates in Donaueschingen (Germany) and continues throughout 10 countries ending in the Ukraine and emptying in to the Black Sea. It is a major international waterway for southern Europe. Living here along the Donau definitely influences my day-to-day routine and life. Although the winter months can be very gloomy, the summer months bring many bicycle tours and walks along the river paths.

Danube River as seen from the Münster (Protestant Church) in Ulm, Courtesy Wikipedia

I designed a block last year called Danube River Block, #1163 for Vol. 12 of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks capturing my love of the Donau. I used Tokyo Train Ride from Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel Fabrics and a Timeless Treaures Sketch Basic in Iron. The darker gray chevron reminds me of the river and the medium tones to the right and left signify the birds soaring along the Danube River. I really enjoyed designing this block and had even more fun sewing it together which is easy peasy when you follow the directions in the magazine : )

Danube River Block, #1163 from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 12

The Danube River Quilt uses a basic horizontal setting which gives a vertical illusion of water flowing through the quilt. You can quickly adapt it to any size quilt and would also be a great block for a single pillow cushion. You could also make this happy, scrappy with one shade of blue for the water and all those unused scraps for the birds. Have fun with it!

Featured in Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Spring 2016

A very big heartfelt thank-you goes out to Peg Spradlin for sewing this quilt perfectly together using Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis and Color Union by Studio RK, both by Robert Kaufman. She did an incredible job at matching up all those HSTs! I love the quilting as well...how the water flows over the chevrons. Thank you, Peg! Seeing this quilt come together so exquisitely, I want to had over the task of making these blocks to my To-Be-A-Bee Group here in Germany.<<wink>>

So where can you get this magazine? It should be hitting your local quilt shop on March 1st for all those located in the United States. For those located in Europe, it may take a little longer. Check out your local quilt shop or bookstore to pick up your copy today! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your quilt is so beautiful; love the colors!

  2. Ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinem Erfolg. Du hast Dich von der Donau zu einem schönen Block inspirieren lassen und der daraus gefertigte Quilt ist frisch und modern.
    Das Ulmer Münster hat übrigens den höchsten Kirchturm der Welt, nur falls Du das noch nicht wusstest.

  3. Love the block and it looks great in Peg's quilt. Winter has been rather wierd here in Switzerland too. One week it's snow, the next it's practically t-shirt weather. For the most part it's felt like spring from start to almost finish (and the plants seem to think so too). I must admit I'm still hoping for one proper wintery spell.

  4. Der Block gefällt mir! Tolle Inspiration hast du da :-)

  5. Lovely Quilt. Thanks For The Back Story. Congrats For Having Your Block Featured As A Full Size Quilt.

  6. Oh Karen, ich war ja echt auf deinen Donau-Block gespannt! Und das Chevron Muster bildet richtig gut unseren Fluß ab: den sollte ich ubedingt nähen (bin gespannt, ob ich das Magazin hier irgendwo bekomme...)
    Liebe Grüße über die Donau rüber

  7. your quilt looks great, we do not seem to be getting the American quilting magazines here in the UK anymore, I used to get them from a shop in town but keep checking and they never have them, such a shame as they are better the the UK ons

  8. My copy is dog eared on your page! I'm so glad you posted a picture of a quilt made using your awesome block. Now I can plan easier! XO

  9. Fabulous block and exquisite inspiration. Your expert assistant did a great job turning it into a quilt!

  10. I loved the story behind the block - the Danube is a wonderful river! We planned cycling from Passau to Vienna one day. Hopefully we can make this dream come true :-) The block is lovely - well done, Karen! :-)

  11. Dear Karen,
    your block looks amazing! And I can see the "Danube" in it. ;) I was surprised, that we live so near to each other - I live in Stuttgart.
    And I've seen your latest pictures on Flickr - they are soooo amazing. Will you write a block post about this itsy bitsy little squares? I would be very happy about it.
    Greetings from Stuttgart,


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