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Transparendo Sewalong - Week Three


Hi everyone and thanks for joining us today. Here we are again to share with you the third week of our sewalong. Over the next 15 weeks, Verena from einfach bunt Quilts are here to support our quilting community with tips and tricks and well as soon good old fashioned quilting fun with our Transparendo Sewalong (#transaprendosal). Are you looking forward to it? We are too! 

 This week's hashtag is #transparendosalw3 for Week Three. 

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The Pattern Book

Today is our third week of the sewalong. If you don't have the pattern, you can order from my Etsy webshop - Transparendo The Transparency Sampler Quilt from Karen Ackva - If you live in Germany, you can also pick up some great coordinated fabrics packs especially curated by Verena for the sewalong - einfach bunt Quilts. We highly encourage you to get the book! There a lot of helpful ideas listed including coloring pages to color your own design.

Digital Alternative

If you don't want to purchase the softcover version of the book, you can pick up the digital version split into 15 sections. After purchasing the sewalong subscription pattern, look forward to receiving one section (15 sections in total) each week for the duration of the sewalong. It is a fun way to know exactly what to be working on for the next seven days. Receive a new assignment each week!

Sewalong Schedule

What is in store for you over the next fifteen weeks? Take a look at our line up. Each week there is a fun, new assignment to complete. The blocks accelerate in skill level with each new block and build upon previous blocks. Learn all types of new skills such as flying geese, nesting and twisting seams, and cutting extra-large pieces of fabric for squares and triangles.

Post your progress on Instagram with the hashtags: #transparendosal and the week -  #transparendosalw1 (week one, etc.) for your chance to be entered into a drawing. If you don't have instagram, you can send me a photo with your fabric selection at 72 dpi with a resolution of 800 pixels or less. The following Sunday, one lucky recipient will be chosen at random. Our sewalong is open internationally, so get out those sewing machines ladies (and gents)!

Weekly Prizes

In Week Three, we have a set of Taylor Seville Magic Pins, 1 x Fork Pins and 1 x Extra-ong Pins sponsored by Steidl & Becker (Wholesale Distributor) 

and one crib-sized, cotton batting sponsored by Quilter's Dream Batting. You pick which one you want from the ones shown below!

Last week we would talked about auditioning your fabric selections for contrast and interest. The original pattern uses a two-colorway selection of pinks and grays in a range of light, medium and dark as shown below. I chose to use a color value range of petrol, turquoise, pink, yellow and a low volume white. The background color I chose as a tone-on-tone gray.  Read more about the use of color and color value in the Transparendo book.  

I really wanted to see how these two fabric selections would work together, so I mocked up the colors with EQ8 - the quilt designing and planning software from the Electric Quilt Company.

EQ8 Lesson

Before we get started, I was asked if the EQ8 file could be sent to those who have purchased the Trasparendo book. My challenge to you, is to open your EQ8 program (if you have one) and design the blocks yourself to exercise your own skills. If you don't have the program, use technical drawing paper.
Most of the blocks in this series are rather simple using a nine patch grid. Design and add each of the blocks week for week. 

Let's design Block Two - Hovering Hawks together in EQ8.

Open your EQ8 program. Start a new file. Name it Transparendo Lessons. 

1. Click on the Block Worktable.
2. Click on NEW BLOCK.
3. Click on EASY DRAW.

Now we want to create the 16-patch block or a 4 x 4 grid.

4. Click on GRID.
5. Enter COLUMNS as 4 and ROWS as 4.
6. Left-Mouse-Click, hold and drag the cursor from the upper left corner of the block on the block worktable.
Drag and hold all the way down to the bottom right corner. Release the left mouse button to get the 4 x 4 grid. You can color this block for Block One - Love Birds in your color scheme. Add the color scheme to the + PROJECT SKETCHBOOK.

Let's make the Hovering Hawks block.

7. Make sure only the SNAPPING OPTIONS is turned on to SNAP GRIDS TO POINTS ON WORKTABLE only. The other two options should be click off and not on.
8. Click on the PENCIL (LINE) to draw.
9. Hover your starting point, left-mouse-click the point, drag to the bottom right corner, release.

If you are wondering why there is already a block in there, I imported it to trace the image. You won't actually see that image on the worktable. It is easier for me to trace the block than reference from the book. 
After all lines for the block are drawn, COLOR your block.
10. Click on the COLOR tab.
11. Click on the PAINTBRUSH tool. This tool allows you to paint one patch at a time.
12. Click on the COLOR or FABRIC you wish to use.
13. Click on the patch on the drawn block. Tip: If you make a mistake, click ALT + y (German keyboard: STRG + z) to undo.

Add the block to the Project Sketchbook.
14. Click on the + PROJECT SKETCHBOOK.


The first two blocks from the Transparendo Sewalong are now in your sketchbook. You can add to the quilt layout in the program or draw them by hand using technical drawing or gridded sketch paper.
If you don't have either one of those, you can use the included coloring sheet provided in the book. Add your own fabric swatches to the right side of the page to keep your project organized. 

Remember, you should have adequate amounts of contrast in color value to achieve the block transparency effects. This is achieved through the light, medium and dark fabrics as well as a contrast in color. Read all about that in the Transparency book

Week 3 - Hovering Hawks

This block can get a little tricky due to the half-square-triangles. I prefer to make the HSTs larger and cut them down to-size afterwards. It makes for a better patch. The pressing directions are listed in the pattern. I recommend always pressing the HSTs open and then working from there. The rows can be pressed in any direction that best accentuates the points.

Here is the breakdown of the fabric placement using those five fabrics plus one background fabric.

Do you see the transparency in this block? I created a quick animated illustration of different color schemes to enhance the design. Do you recognize your block with your color scheme?

Hovering Hawks - Block Two in Transparendo Sewalong - #transparendosalw3

The fun thing about this block, is that when you turn it on it's side a new design is created, the hawks start to jump out even more to represent a typical Aztec design. 

This Week's Tip

Don't iron or even press your fabric with every new sewn seam. Press with your finger or fingernail. This sames time and energy! Some quilters use a super cool tool for pressing such as a clapper or a wooden flat stick. Use what works best for you. 

After the block is completely sewn together, then it is time to carefully set the seams. Too much ironing will stretch your fabric and distort it.


We've been working really hard behind the scenes to bring some amazing prizes to our participants. We are so happy to announce our fabulous sponsors!

Gold Sponsors:


Platinum Sponsor

The wonderful folks at the Electric Quilt Company are sponsoring our Finale Prize of one full version of EQ8 at the end of the sewalong Week 15. To enter your finished quilt top with all blocks and borders, photograph and forward to me or post on Instagram. If you would like to purchase the program, we have a PROMOTIONAL CODE to receive 25% off the software. Enter EASYPATCHWORK25 at checkout. If you live outside of the US, you will be sent a physical item in the mail. After you receive the package, you will be informed how to download and install the software on your system. Please follow the Electric Quilt Company on Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter for other great deals. 

The winner of this week's drawing is Martina! You will be contacted shortly about how to collect your prize. Thank to all for participating. We look forward to seeing your beautiful blocks next week as well.

Please participate in next week's drawing. Take a photo and post for all of us to see on Instagram or send to me with a resolution of 72 dpi no larger than 800 pixels. One lucky participant will be chosen at random. The giveaway is open internationally. Void where prohibited. Open to quilters 18 years of age and older. Good luck to all. Thanks for joining us!


Next week we will be working on Block Four - Jewelry Box.

Please leave a comment below about anything you would like to share with us. We would love to hear your thoughts. Take care of yourself and keep on sewing happy. We look forward to seeing you next week!

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