Thursday, January 10, 2013

dubbed television - dubbed what??

When I was a "younger" girl, I loved to watch foreign television. I watched things like Dr. Who, Dark Shadows, The Avengers and other series such as Neighbours. I progressed onto movies such as "The French Lesson" and "La Boum." I think I watched this particular movie about twenty times first dubbed into English and then later subtitled.

Dubbed is when the actors are voiced over by another actor in a language you can understand.

Now, that I am living in Germany, I "enjoy" dubbed television and movies on a regular basis. Many people ask me if I can get American television here in Germany. A lot of series are picked up such as Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Navy CIS, Two and 1/2 Men, Law and Order, CSI, Star Trek, Inspector Barnaby, 2 Broke Girls, Samantha Who, and The Simpsons. And to make it easier to understand, different countries wtihtin Europe deal with it differently. Most of the northern countries such as Denmark, Sweden, and Finland bring these with subtitles. Germany and Italy like to dub non-native programs. And let me tell you, Germany has mastered the art of dubbing. I am now able to watch Kevin Costner! He has developed a very sexy voice, since he has learned how to speak German. ;-)

The synchronization is also excellent. I remember watching a movie with my husband once, and it was very close to the end. I turned to him in realization, that I had watched the entire movie IN GERMAN, and it didn't dawn on me.
Probably the most well known German synchronisation actor is Manfred Lehmann. He is known as the voice of Bruce Willis, Kurt Russel, Gerard Depardieu, Christopher Lambert, Willem Dafoe, Rutger Hauer, Mickey Rourke, and Val Kilmer.  Can you imagine all of these actors rolled up into one person?

Also quite interesting - once when I was riding a train in the Pfalz, I heard a very familiar and quite sultry voice announce where the train was going to stop next. "Wait a minute!. I know this voice!" I remained puzzled the entire day but later found out that it was the very famous voice of Marilyn Monroe as spoken by Margot Leonard (in the German-speaking world). Now imagine that, such a sexy voice announcing the train stations. Can you imagine Nicole Kidman announcing the floors in an elevator?

Dubbed television - it can make some actors bearable and others nicht verträglich!

Happy Thursday! Hopefully the sun will come back out again...this month!

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  1. Hallo Karen,

    über Kate Spain kam ich auf deinen Blog. Manchmal braucht es Umwege.... Es ist spannend zu lesen, wie eine Amerikanerin das deutsche Leben erlebt und es ihren Landsleuten erklärt. Freue mich auf weitere Blogs. Noch schön wäre es, wenn dein Blog zweisprachig wäre. Ich finde es auch schade, dass Brigitte Heitland nur noch in englischer Sprache postet. Ich bin der englischen Srpache mächtig, aber das sind sicherlich nicht alle Näh/Quiltbegeisterte in Deutschland. Und ich fänd es gut, wenn das Quilten und alles was damit zusammenhängt hier in Deutschland populärer würden. Einfach damit es noch mehr Auswahl/Vorlagen/Bücher/Zubehör etc. rund um das Thema hier in Deutschland gibt. Zum Glück gibt es ja nun zB. auch die Bücher von Sarah Fielke oder Elizabeth Hartman übersetzt. Aber mehr Auswahl schadet ja nicht:-). Ich freue mich schon auf deine neue Post. Bis dann

    Bettina aus dem heute mal ausnahmsweise sehr sonnigen Rheinland


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