Sunday, November 3, 2019

enchanted sal - eva

For those of you who are following our sew along, thank you for joining us and reading this post. It tickles my heart. Today we are taking a look at Eva, a beautiful garden fairy with short wings and a knee-length dress.

Each week a new figure will be highlighted from the Enchanted Paper Dolls pattern book. I may even give some tips and tricks about sewing the figure as well. ; ) If you would like to purchase the entire book or just an individual PDF of one figure, you can purchase them here on Etsy or at your local quilt shop. If you shop doesn't carry it, ask them to get in touch with me. We sell wholesale as well.

In appreciation to all who are sewing along, we are offering two prizes:
  1. Cutest Figure
  2. Best Use of Mix and Match Templates
We are starting to gather up the prizes for these two special winners. I don't really want you to sew along just for the prizes, so I don't like to tell about them in the beginning. They will be very interesting though and worth the effort. We will pick the two winners in December after all figures have been introduced.

You can link up your figure for the week here at the bottom of the post. The link will be open for two weeks from the start date of the post. You can also post on Instagram. Make sure to tag me and use the hashtags: #enchantedsal #enchantedpaperdolls #eppaperdolls and/or #enchanted(figure name).

Eva is the figure of the week. She goes together rather quickly, so I chose to do a little more fussy cutting on her. I made sure the wings were going in the same direction by pinning the wing templates to the fabric then cutting them out.Since most of the figures are symmetrical, you can fussy cut one side and usually use the rest of the cut fabric for the other side of the figure and foundation paper template.

When it came to her legs, I slightly pre-cut my fabric for the angle of the sewing line to ensure my background fabric would keep its direction. It doesn't really matter with the background of my fabric, but the edges of the fabric keep their stability and I don't have  bias edges around the outside of the patches. This gives the overall block more stability. If you want to understand the cutting of this patch, please refer to the previous post for more details.

And here is Eva all layed out. The other two figures are also layed out underneath her. I made a little video of how you can mix and match the figures easily. I just have to cut the film into a real movie. The will come soon.

 Another view of the mix and match foundation papers/templates.

On this figure, I chose to use the bonus crown and hair for Eva. I love the original bodice and chose to use that instead of the bonus bodice included. If you want to make her without the crown, she will look like the figure below. I added the crown so you could mix and match with the other figures.

And here she is in all of her magnificent and glorious charm...Eva.

You can choose to omit the side panels and make a 6" x 12" block. You can do this with all of the enchanted figures with their hands down to the sides of their bodies.

Thank you for joining us today. We look forward to seeing your enchanted paper doll. Please link up here or on Instagram. Enjoy your week.

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Take a look at previous posts and see the other figures. 

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