Sunday, November 10, 2019

enchanted sal - fiona

Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by. I truly am tickled that a few are actually following the sew along posts! Thank you for your interest and support. This week we are taking a look at Fiona. This is our sixth week of figures. We are not halfway through our sew along. I have been gathering prizes for two winners and will be showing them in the next weeks.

Each week a new figure will be highlighted from the Enchanted Paper Dolls pattern book. I may even give some tips and tricks about sewing the figure as well. ; ) If you would like to purchase the entire book or just an individual PDF of one figure, you can purchase them here on Etsy or at your local quilt shop. If you shop doesn't carry it, ask them to get in touch with me. We sell wholesale to individual quilt shops as well.

I didn't shoot any in-progress photos of this one. I just worked right through the figure. Fiona comes with a bonus collar and bodice to change it up. The one I sewed, however is the original figure with a slight adjustment. I was fussy cutting most all of the pieces an realized the bodice was clashing with the skirt, so I added the purple belt to break it up. I feel it works much better. It is really simple too, to add a belt. Just add a line anywhere parallel to the bottom of the template to make the belt. Add an additional piece of fabric and sew on the line.

Fiona's collar can be a challenge, but I wanted to give her that 1960's look like Samantha from Bewitched. I also gave her a lighter skin tone than the other figures. I planned on giving two figures in this series a lighter skin tone. It can be a little problematic using such a light skin color with a white background; I prefer to give the entire block more contrast. I actually enhanced the color a bit to increase the contrast.

As you can see, Fiona is not wearing any shoes. You can use the provided template or simply skip the sewing lines on any of the other templates. It is described how in the front section of the pattern book.

I will skip adding a link up. If you want to share your figure, just send me a photo of <1MB to my email address or share on Instagram. Please tell me if I may share on social media or not. You will be included in the drawing for prizes automatically after receiving your photo. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your day!

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