Sunday, November 24, 2019

enchanted sal - hailey

Good morning everyone! It's Sunday morning for me and just getting to writing our weekly post. While my family is spoiling me with our traditional (American) Sunday breakfast, I get to take a few minutes to write our post. I have exactly fifteen minutes, because my goal was to post before 9am GMT.

Today marks the eighth week of our Enchanted Sew Along. Every week a new figure from the Enchanted Mix and Match Series will be highlighted. This week we are celebrating Hailey.

Before we get into the blog post, I would like to share with you again one of our sponsors. Gütermann, the German thread and fabric company, kindly offered two sets of quilting thread and premium cotton fabrics for our giveaway. Two lucky participants will each receive one set. It looks like three 1/2 meter cuts in those bundles too. I hope to show the rest of the loot next Sunday. : )

And here she is, our Hailey! I created her with the lightest skin tone I found in my Sediments Solids fabric pack from Robert Kaufman's Kona solids. I used a saffron color for her hair. She is very light skinned and pale, but I wanted to make all of the girls using different skin tones and hair colors. #Diversity is beautiful! We all should celebrate our own beauty and not compare ourselves to other.

If you already have the pattern, you will know there is a secret to Hailey. If you were wondering how to create her hair as shown in the pattern with her bangs to the side, it is actually a flip face/hair of Lilly yet to come.

Hailey is really a straight forward sew. Once again, there are just a couple of critical points that need to match up like the wrists and feet. Other than that, she is seems to be easier than the other figures.

Here is Hailey from the original quilt featured in the pattern. Don't you just love the dark hair and skin tones? I do! As you can see, her hands have been flipped over. You can mix and match everything in this pattern. If you would like to purchase the individual PDF or paper book with all 12 figures, you can find all of them in my Etsy shop or at your local quilt store such as einfach bunt quilts or Niemanns-Land.

Thank you for joinging us today. Happy sewing.

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