Sunday, December 8, 2019

enchanted sal - jael

Hi and thanks for joining us today on another edition of the Enchanted Paper Dolls Fall Sew Along. I am happy you could stop by. Grab a cup of coffee and read a little bit about the next figure in the sew along.

We are looking at Jael today. Her beautiful name is Hebrew and means "mountain goat." She is a noble and strong.I just love the name which is pronounced with a Y instead of a J. I like saying it with a J though.

Before we get into the blog post, I would like to share with you again one of our sponsors. Gütermann, the German thread and fabric company, kindly offered two sets of quilting thread and premium cotton fabrics for our giveaway. Two lucky participants will each receive one set. It looks like three 1/2 meter cuts in those bundles too. I hope to show the rest of the loot next Sunday. : )

And here is our second sponsor - einfach bunt quilts with two matching Mini FPP sets including a 28mm rotary cutter from Fiskars, a 1" x 6" Creative Grids ruler and a mini cutting mat from Olfa! These are the best tools when sewing small and sewing foundation paper piecing. Thank you, Verena! We truly appreciate your generosity.

Our two winners will be picked at the end of the sew along
  • one for the cutest ever and 
  • one for the best use of the mix and match templates.
Now on to Jael - (the J is really pronounced silently like a y.) I chose to make her in a darker skin tone this time, because I wanted to celebrate our diversity. All of the Enchanted PD series have different skin tones and hair color. No two are alike.

If you take a look at Jael's dress, you will see that oversized blue flower on her skirt. I fussy cut it to be exactly where it is. After sewing it up, I realized the size of the flower is a little distracting. It looks as if the legs are off-centered, but they are not. I measured exactly 6 1/4" through the middle of the crown, neck and legs (feet) when squaring up the block. It is really exactly in the middle and not offset at all.

This was the original Jael made and landed on the cover of the pattern. You might be able to identify a slight change and/or adjustment in the heads of both figures. The one below is the original and allows you the most possibilities to lengthen the hair on the sides. I knew I would be making the shorter hair pulled back with the bun, so I drew the lines on the templates and sewed those. Or you can use the side hair templates from Isabella instead. She also comes with a very slightly different bonus bodice shown in the figure above. It is cut straight across instead of slanted on both sides.

Thank you for joining us today. I look forward to seeing what you do with our figure, Jael. How will you style her hair? Will you give her a bun as well?

There is still some time to make a figure and upload for your chance to win one of the provided sets above. Good luck to everyone.

Enjoy your week. Happy sewing and quilting.

Please LALL (Leave a Little Love) in the comments below. I would love to hear from you and what you like about the angels, fairies and princesses. I somehow feel that blogging is old school. Is it interesting for anyone anymore? Am I wasting my time? I've been seriously playing with the idea of retiring as well. Thanks for listening.

If you would like to purchase the individual PDF or paper book with all 12 figures, you can find all of them in my Etsy shop or at your local quilt store such as einfach bunt quilts or Niemanns-Land.

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